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Daredevil (2003)
This movie hurt me physically
1 October 2021
I absolutely love the character daredevil and I have always dreamt about seeing a daredevil feature film. Instead I got this steamy pile of cow dung which was solely made for money. Following Sam Raimi's Spiderman movies, there was in increase of low budget marvel cliche films which had the same plot over and over again. Guy is disliked by the masses, gets powers, gets suits and even gets the girl and destroys the big evil bad guy. This follows exactly that. The fight sequences are choreographed by a 2nd grader because they look like a 7 yr old flinging their toys. The characters are too damn annoying and they are supposed to be meant to be liked! Especially Jon Favreau's Foggy Nelson. This guy is supposed to be the comic relief? This is the first time i'm going to say this but netflix did it better. Matt Murdock had zero personality and Wilson Fisk was the most cliche super hero villain. Seriously Ben Affleck? Seriously Jon Favreau? Keep away from this movie, your braincells will deplete and receive mind numbing brain damage. Suggestion; Watch a toilet flushing instead!
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Top 3 Best DC Movies of all time
4 August 2021
So fun, So gory and funny. This is what everyone wants warner brothers. James Gunn brought to life a great property in the suicide squad. I loved the addition of peacemaker and king shark. They are too damn funny.

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