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Leviathan (I) (2012)
8 November 2018
If the directors intention was to make their audience feel seasick, then they did an excellent job.
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Black Mirror: Nosedive (2016)
Season 3, Episode 1
Nosedive is an interesting watch, but overall a weak addition to the anthology.
22 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Anthology's typically have three types of episodes. Good, bad, and forgettable. Black Mirror is no different. White Christmas is good, The National Anthem is bad (a bit beyond bad really), and Nosedive is forgettable.

To summarize the episode. Lacie (Bryce Dallas Howard), tries to boost her standing in society, but instead "nosedives" and hits the bottom of society instead. Seeing and learning about the different "ranks" of society as she drops rank.

This premise seemed to be the most far fetched of the anthology. "What if people were subject to yelp reviews?" Society is ranked by how high your score is based on these ratings. And what does this fictional society lead too? A world of Dolores Umbridges, fabricating laughter and always smiling. As I said, it makes for an interesting watch, but it just comes off as a bit too ridiculous. The message of the episode: be yourself, don't be a suck up, release your emotions; I guess?

The concept is interesting, but it's not a must see. It goes into the forgettable pile, where most Black Mirror episodes go.

5/6 out of 10.
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