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The Lion King (2019)
A lot of little annoying aspects, but actually quite good.
23 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Always start with the positives: The visuals were magnificent, the story well told, the songs were delivered well and the majority of the voice performances were between good and spot on.

The dialogue did seem disconnected at times, the stampede was comparatively tame, the hyenas weren't intimidating. Those were the small things, the biggest one was the casting of Chiwetel Ejifor as Scar. His voice wasn't intimidating, it wasn't sinister. The "Long live the King" line, probably the most famous and memorable line from the original was delivered in such a subdued manor that I genuinely sighed in disappointment.

But am I saying this because the original is one of my favourite childhood movies? Probably. If I hadn't seen the original. It's a good film, aimed at a far younger audience than me, enjoy it. It's quite easy to if you allow yourself.
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Song to Song (I) (2017)
Potentially the worst film I've ever seen.
12 November 2018
Scratch that, actually the worst film I've ever seen.

Meaningless existential questions over a harshly edited non-existent plot.

Pretentious to the point of absurdity. Avoid at all costs!
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Denial (II) (2016)
20 June 2018
Denial didn't really keep my attention.

It ended up being a court case about a difference in opinion. It was also very heavy-handed in what it wanted you to feel about the holocaust, as if you actually had to emphasise who's side you should be on during the movie.

Round this off with a terrible performance/accent off Rachel Weisz in the lead role and the bland brown/grey of the whole movie and I'm not rushing back to watch this any time soon.
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Dunkirk (2017)
Nolan steps out of his comfort zone and doesn't miss a beat
28 September 2017
Dunkirk had me on the edge of my seat from the first 30 seconds until the last. All 3 times I've been to see it.

Considering Nolan had done nothing like this previously, for me it just pushed him another step closer to being thought of in the same way as Kubrick etc. as one of the best directors of all time. (I've thought this since The Dark Knight, but I will admit to having a bit of a Nolan-boner)

The 4 main characters of Dunkirk interweave in a story line which definitely took some influence from the time differentials in Inception.

Newbie Fionn Whitehead's Army Private, Tom Hardy's Spitfire Pilot, Mark Rylance's mariner and Kenneth Branagh's Naval Commander give as individual performances as their characters perspectives.

Particularly poignant moments of credit to Mark Rylance's brief break in character, Tom Hardy's decision to help is countrymen over making it home but definitely Branagh's moment of pride seeing the boats appear in the harbour wins for me.

Added special notice has to be given to Hans Zimmer for his brilliant use of Elgar's "Nimrod" to compound the moments of pride which we should all feel (if you're English) watching Dunkirk.

This is film making at it's best, quite simply a must see.
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Baywatch (2017)
Just awful, but that's not why you'll watch it
26 September 2017
This film is awful, but you knew that already. The characters have no chemistry, the jokes are flat and the plot is just ridiculous. I recommend watching it for the other plot which at times is exemplary and by far the best aspect of the movie. Watch with a hangover, or not at all, or with the mute button on. Your choice.
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Mary and Max (2009)
Not what you'll expect
26 May 2014
I'm not gonna lie, I watched this because it's in the Top 250 more than anything else, but then upon realising it had the vocal work of the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman, I got to it with excitement rather than trepidation.

This is a beautiful story which is warm and loving despite being mainly black, white and brown.

It's a story of loneliness, depression and anxiety, but made me laugh more than I expected and almost brought a tear to my eye.

Anyone expecting a Burton-esque animation will be left disappointed, but as I despise Burton I was pleasantly surprised.

Well worth a watch. 8/10
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