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No one is that stupid - even if hes from Kazakhstan
21 March 2007
Cultural learnings - yeah sure - if you think Kazakhstan is a porn country Okey i have humor too - but everything about his humor is about sex in some way - and its a very jumpy movie Now to the movie itself - it starts in his hometown and its a miserable place - with cows in the house and of course the hose isn't anything but a shed. The presentation of his sister and wife and of course the rest of the people in his hometown is a little bit too much. I liked the car and the engine of witch he travels away from Kazakhstan too meet America. Finally in America he just has to kiss everyone - and who really likes that - from a two meter ling mustache man from Kazakhstan (it would have been different if it was a nice girl of course). He gets invited to all kinds of stuff when he enters America - but of course he screws all up - and of course he does - where would the fun come from if not. This Borat guy cant even use a toilet - hes from Kazakhstan. On the way in America he gets an obsession on a famous girl - and has to meet her to marry her - what a failure - i just wonder how any girl could be a part of that meeting - that is a have to see thing - poor girl. Endline - OK its a lot of humor - but do you watch this movie again - i don't think so - cos the humor is just the first time - then it isn't.
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Dominion (2005)
A new version of Exorcist: The Beginning (2004)
3 December 2005
When I started watching this movie I had a feeling I had seen it before - but still not. It is a movie in where good struggles with evil. People and kids are killed in a brutal way - and the strong survive. The British army fights the natives to show their strength at any cost - even if it makes themselves suicidal. If u have seen Exorcist: The Beginning (2004) - then you have to see this one too - thats what i mean by i felt i have seen it before It is really the same movie but in a different way - interesting that someone will try the same concept once again and in the same place too. I enjoyed them both very much - and I will watch them again to compare them more.
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Spartacus (1960)
its old - but still going strong
2 July 2003
This movie is about slaves in the acient rome and italy - the movie is folowing a slave called spartacus in his struggle against the roman empire - a struggle that makes him choose between family and war for freedom. He begins in a gladiator training camp and gets in trouble, the slaves free themselfs. A lot of them die and some don´t. As the rumour spreads that slaves have freed themselfs - a lot of slaves join them in a fight through italy - to a final battle against rome. I can only say as they said themselves - a free slave is a dead slave, cos the romans killed all of them.
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Barrio Wars (2002)
its a violent movie oki - and its pretty good 2
10 November 2002
A little bit of Romeo and Juliet Plato (Sevier Crespo) and Angelina (Luchana Gatica) wants 2 b together, and they r from rivaling gangs - but Angelinas brother dosen´t like that - Its a latino movie alright - with their kind of behaviour and of course bad language, i specially like the line "Are you real, or did I make you up" ha ha ha. And if u have a subwoofer - it´s gonna have something 2 do
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