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Goodfellas (1990)
Three, and being generous
4 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I put a mark that this review contains spoilers; I didn't know first what is meant by a spoiler but found that it means that the review will talk about important events in the plot. I had to make the mark because I didn't and still don't know what are the main elements of this plot or even where is the story. The movie, as I see it, is focusing on unimportant events and manners. I'm afraid that if I didn't click that icon and talked about, let's say, any trivial thing in any trivial party in this trivial based movie; I would be put n the blacklist.

IMDb is always the place I visit before watching any movie; most of the times, I find the rating of it's users rather useful; and some other times, it turns out to be a great shock after watching the movie. The latter case happened with "Goodfellas" as it happened with "Godfather" and some other movies. It's of course a difference of view points; but sometimes it is just confusing to me.

I gave the movie three out of ten just because of the great cast and the good performance. As a regular watcher, I just see the performance, the story, and to a certain point: the direction. I like the movie to be entertaining; Goodfellas, n that respect, isn't the case at all; it's too boring for me to watch. I regret the past two hours I spent watching that movie.
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