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Oh, those monologues.
13 October 2018
Monologues for days. Just so, so many "poignant" monologues. So, so many self-reflective, melodramatic monologues. Long speeches aside, the production value is great. The child actors are fantastic. The story is intriguing, though it tends to only creep along. Quite good, but not perfect, as it's high rating suggests.
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Disenchantment (2018– )
Maybe it's terrible because
20 August 2018
1. The characters are just unlikable. (I think the exception would be Eric Andre's Luci.) Abbi Jacobson conveys a lot of personality through Bean, but the character's motivation completely drags her performance through the mud. There is just so much whining and complaining, that dealing with the characters becomes tedious. 2. The pacing is very stilted, with strange pauses between character interactions, as if the audio was sloppily spliced. 3. The music. The clarinet thing is sort of weird and frustrating, like the buzzing of a fly. It's much too reminiscent of a middle eastern setting than a setting called "Dreamland." 5. I don't think Nate Faxon's (spelling?) voice works for Elfo. It's just so, so grating and his tone leaves little room for inflection. Yet another example of ways the show is annoying. (Father Of The Year was horrible, because of Nate Faxon's performance among numerous other reasons.)

I'm an avid animated television show fan, but I just don't see how this can be salavaged into something good. I was really hoping that this would keep me satisfied while I impatiently wait for the next seasons of Bob's Burgers, Archer, American Dad and Rick & Morty, but it just made me miss them more.
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Lore (2017–2018)
Unbearable Narration
17 October 2017
I had such high hopes for this; but the stilted, monotone narration was so terrible that I turned it off five minutes in. This show could be salvageable with a new narrator. I know that it's based off of his podcast, but if amazon wants to appeal to a wider audience, they'll take note and find someone new.
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