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Zoo (2015–2017)
Really? A drama? Really?
29 June 2016
Terrible writing, unless it's actually meant to be a comedy. Even Wolk looks like he's barely holding it together to keep from laughing. I gave it 2 stars because some of the CGI is watchable, but not by much. It has, however, been successful at raising my curiosity about the books. I'll be purchasing them in the near future to compare to the screen writing. If any of these characters are modeled after actual scientists, we are indeed doomed as a species. Also, there's entirely too much globetrotting about from country to country, in ridiculously short periods of time. All the animals are going aggressively nuts but hey, let's fly halfway around the world a bunch of times. What could possibly go wrong unless, oh I don't know, perhaps some animals have the ability to FLY. Seriously. Hard to believe this show got picked up for a second season when other shows, like Almost Human and The Whispers, were dropped. The Whispers was struggling but improved by the end of the season. I have no idea who is giving Zoo all the great ratings. Perhaps they have the sound turned off and are looking at the exciting CGI animals.
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