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Shadowhunters (2016–2019)
Here's the TLDR review
19 May 2016
Whoever is adapting the book to this show is applying story telling standards used back in the 80's and 90's. It drags your nose through the conclusions. It makes actors state the obvious. Choices made that might seem hair pulling levels of stupid have no development and make the characters stupid.

This quality of writing, directing, plodding might be okay for the ages 5 through 10 crowd but it needs to grow up quickly. The naive protagonist becoming wise super champion journey has been played out countless times coupled by I hate to say poor delivery that at least early buffy made up for in humour this is soup made with water and potatoes.

Suggestion: Wait on it. If they make it to a third season they might have something worth watching.
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Suits (2011–2019)
Watch the first 4 seasons.
20 August 2015
This, is a great show. I love it. It has great actors and interesting writing. Until season 5.

Season 5 kicked off to an interesting start with a new 'bad guy' but it turns out it's the joker returns with the batman revenge squad. Don't get me wrong I love the actors who play the joker and the riddler. But this is watching season 2 and 3 all over again.

The plot devices to make mike question his relationship commitment comes from the actor's real life beyond gorgeous fiancée so it makes it humorous but it is so out of place what she tells him to do. Then trev counselling mike is on soap opera level writing I just can't watch the show any more.

Season 5 is a remix of every season jumbled into 1. It feels like a great big long finale and I'd like to think that this is how they put it to rest because to continue on regurgitating the same situations over and over is so played.
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Zoo (2015–2017)
The Zoo by James Patterson
1 July 2015
This show sets the tone interestingly enough. If you read the description before watching you were pretty much waiting for the why and how.

You sit through the build up. You tolerate the paint by numbers writing, pacing and, paint by numbers dialogue all to find out the why. Then you get this ham fisted reason. It made me think that is exactly it. That is why I could never read a James Patterson book.

It makes me feel like I'm 7yrs old reading a hardy boys book still watching saved by the bell. A young adult might find this neat but I need higher quality in my writing.
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