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A must-see movie.
30 June 2003
Fylakes Anilikon is a very good film which shows the way of living in greek society in 80's where stealing seemed to be the only way of going away from poverty and salary from hard work. A company of 4 funny guys who are at least 30 years old (but play the teenagers in the movie) with motorcycles, after some failed attempts to gain money without working, they decide to rob a briefcase full of money... Nothing else, then the best part of the movie is in the prison of teenagers where the movie becomes drama and the guardian (Tsahiridis) in a great interpretation is the MVP of the movie even if Manesis (the boy with the mustache) plays veeery good. In depth, the movie wanna show that in that kind of society, the prison instead of being a way to become a better person, the more you stay inside, the more you become criminal and drug addict...
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