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F20 (2018)
One of truly most exciting Croatian films in decades
25 July 2019
I watched all of Arsen's previous films and considered them as some of the very best that Croatian film industry has to offer, so I expected this one with excitement. Luckily, I didn't get disappointed. On the contrary, it cemented my feeling that his films simply don't belong to the mediocre world of Croatian filmmaking. Although dealing a very sensitive subject, which is mental illness, he managed to make an exciting, thought-provoking and entertaining film which never loses its steam. Arsen has again managed to surprise, both the critics and the audiences, by choosing a subject, genre and style which has nothing to do with his previous films, aside for his impeccable sense for storytelling, inner rhythm of the film and emotional impact. His directing is again masterful as it manages to hold the story together, creating pace that many Hollywood directors would envy him for. He once more manages to discover young talents who are simply perfect in their roles. It becomes almost as a cliché that a young, undiscovered first-time actor would excel in Arsen's films. He again chooses great songs and picks a young band, giving them a chance to showcase their talents. Similar to his previous films, the editing and the cinematography are excellent as well, making this film one of truly most exciting Croatian films I've seen in decades.
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