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The Lively Arts: Seeing Through Drawing (1978)
Season Unknown, Episode Unknown
Excellent programme on the nature of drawing.
4 June 2011
This is an extraordinary programme the like of which we are unlikely to see again with the reduction in funding for arts television programmes. The programme examines the very nature of drawing through the work of, and in discussion with, the like of David Hockney, Jim Dine, Claes Oldenburg and Ralph Steadman. The section on children's drawing has the late Philip Rawson talking about drawing in an authoritative and yet accessible manner. None of the contemporary desire to 'dumb down' the message for fear of making the viewer have to actually think. It is a shame that, to the best of my knowledge, it has only been aired the once and has never been available as a VHS or DVD. This is a programme that every art student should see at some point in their life.
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