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Extremely sad
28 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not sure what I had expected before crossing the line and watching the last episode. Probably, somehow I felt that it had to end, it could not just go on forever. But, for sure, I did not expect it to end in the way it ended. I felt that I was cheated.

First of all, I did not like, that all the potential the "Main Six" had developed over the course of those nine years - was simply wasted. Probably it was not the case for Twilight Sparkle. Her character got the ending it deserved. It could have been better, but still, in my opinion, it turned out for her much better than for the others. After all those great adventures they had had, it ended nowhere.

Look, for instance, at Starlight Glimmer. Her potential was clearly wasted. I do not want to say that her ending was completely unrealistic and so on. But I expected more from her than just settling down with her old friend and getting old. And the preceding episodes carried the notion of her promising future. For me, it was super sad. Not completely unrealistic though. We have seen many stories like that in real life when promising people wasted their lives. But still, the creators did not give us any hope. They showed that for her it's the end, no more adventures, or development. I expected her path to be similar to Twilight's path.

The other big hit just right into my heart was seeing Applejack's development. She turned into a copy of Granny Smith. Yeah, I can accept that during the show it was made clear that all she wanted to do with her life is dedicate it to her family. But still, there was hope. I did want her to be somewhat special and wanting more. Plus - the story of her parents, I was hoping it would end somewhere. But it never did...

Spike and Rarity. It's not that I hoped them to become a couple. But after some point, Spike just forgot about her. So did the others. Her story stopped long before the final episode. It felt that she was getting nowhere. The string of grey hair and the tasteless closes on her in the finale hit me hard. No love interest, no incredible achievements... She appeared as an old miserable soul.

Another character I hoped would have been given a brighter future is Pinkie Pie. Honestly, it was never shown that she would get something extraordinary out of her life. It was just sad to see the confirmation of that. They gave her a family and she became a mother. But still, it was not all that I wanted her to achieve. She seemed deeper than that and not that simple.

Rainbow Dash is another disappointment. It felt like the biggest achievement in her life was that "Sonic Rainboom". I don't know what I had expected her to achieve. It was just heartbreaking to see her stuck in the role of one of the Wonderbolts...

I think - I'm just unhappy with the cutoff of all the other possibilities for the characters. I never asked the creators nor I wanted them to tell me how everything is going to end. Anyway, rather a positive note for me was the end of Fluttershy's story. Not 100% satisfying but still. She just gave up her life in favor of serving the others. I did not expect anything out of her story, but the fact that a twist in her fate never took place is unsatisfying.

Overall I can't give this episode a low mark. It did make me emotional and it seems to some extent logical. Some people may find it being a great finale to the story of six little ponies. But I feel that there is more to tell, in greater details. I can accept sometimes we need to let it go and it's not under our will to resist changes. Despite all that inevitability, for me, their story never ended. I still hope to see yet another movie or a TV special...
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we are not in Kansas anymore
12 May 2020
Imagine yourself on a redeye flight to Boston, you wake up in the middle of a night to find out that almost all other passengers have disappeared. And something is wrong with the familiar things around you. What happened to big cities down on earth? You suddenly don't want your airplane to sit down. What can await down there?

And this is where the film shines. Its first half delivers the sense of a "not here" place. While it seems "normal" you feel something is not right with it, but you fail to understand what exactly.

I can see why so many people disliked this movie. I hope we will get a much bigger budget adaptation one day, the novel deserves it, as it's one of the best horror stories by Stephen King.

Don't get me wrong I don't want to idealize the film. I disliked boring dialogs, that feel forced all the way through, but especially during the second half. It seems to me that the authors needed somehow to end the story, not because they had a great idea in mind for the finale, but just because they had to. In my opinion, it could have been much darker and realistic.

I know the novel itself is not perfect... But who said that adaptation should make the same mistakes? Look at "The Mist" (2007). It's a good example when the director, based on already good material, took it further and created something even better than original. I believe that the same result can be achieved with "The Langoliers".
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Disco Elysium (2019 Video Game)
You are a detective and you have nothing to lose
13 April 2020
When I came across this title, the keyword for me in the summary on IMDB, was "detective". I checked the game trailer and the right murky setting, you would expect from a story about a detective, was there, so I did not think twice and one week later I entered the world of Elysium. Oh, boy. Should I say I was not disappointed!

The game starts in a hotel room. You wake up and can't remember even your name. This is how your journey begins. I don't want to spoil anything further. But I think it's safe to say that you remember something about your wife. And something tells you it's a sad story.

The game has its syle. The overall dark mood and all those intellectual conversations you are going to have, help you do dive deep into the Elysium mystery. Plus there are many layers to the story. I think investigating every corner inside the game not only will take time but it also requires several playthroughs. Some information can't be unlocked until you start the game over from day one.

Overall, it feels, especially approaching the finale, that the developers set the bar too high and it was hard for them to keep up. Nonetheless, I think to appreciate the effort at least do few key things before making your opinion about the game: don't miss the night call, the "wake up" moment in the investigation, and the beautiful song (yeah you are not wrong when thinking this game is somehow connected to music).

The case you are to solve is interesting by itself, but for me, that side story, the memories about the wife in the detective's life became the reason I did not give up until the final credits. I strongly encourage you to play this game. The sadness has its name now, and for me, it's Disco Elysium. How simple!
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Twin Peaks (2017)
Lynch, please never die
24 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First of all. I'm a big fan of David Lynch and the original series. So when I first heard about TP was coming back I had conflicting feelings. I've always believed that the original episodes even if they ended with a lot of open questions, but they ended. So maybe if something is over it's over. Sequels rarely work. But at the same time, it had been a long time since I last heard from the director. For me, his last big film was Mulholland Drive back in 2001. Yes, there was "Inland Empire" (2006). But it was rather something more experimental or even personal for David Lynch (I need to admit that I was able to watch it to the end, only after several attempts). So it was big news that TP was coming back.

It has been almost a month since I finished the new Twin Peaks. Now I feel that I'm ready to review it.

Yeah, it's different. Even if the original cast is there, the place, RR cafe, Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer, the red room, it's still different. It has more in common with "Inland Empire" than with the beautiful works D.Lynch used to make in the past.

Let me try to explain. For instance mystique in the original TP never prevailed. You always wanted more. It was never enough. Characters like Mrs. Tremond with her weird grandson or the dwarf from the red room. The whole idea was to have layers. One layer ("normal" layer") for an ordinary viewer, and another one strange and puzzling. Plus everything supernatural in the original series did not have any special effects. It was looking so real and even ordinary. A good example can be trembling hands that happened without any obvious reason. Just happened. And all of that was wrapped in Angelo Badalamenti's 'unearthly' music.

And new series in comparison has prevailing mystique with very poor looking visual effects (hmm, I have no real explanation why they do look so bad). Music has changed and not always for the better. There are a few very good songs but I did not like all of them.

So do I think that it's all a fail, and I want that new TP would have never been created. No, of course, no. Because at least there is Dogue Jones, because of a chance to see Dale Cooper again, and because of the last episode. It came, I'm sure, from that old D. Lynch I like so much. Finally, he got rid of any weird, not looking real visuals. You can see just ordinary things, like a car, or a hotel, characters just walk, speak, make love. They don't do anything that can't be seen in real life. I suspect many of those who watched new Twin Peaks before the last episode started to think that they understood something about what they had just seen, and I think that is why Lynch is so great. He was able to repeat what he did 25 years ago with the finale of the original Twin Peaks. I felt once again I don't know anything about where we are, on Earth, but what is Earth, who we are, what time is it now...
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