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The celebrity roast of a fictional girl that everyone has loved.
3 September 2006
Comedian Joan Rivers salutes her former best friend and fictional creation Heidi Abromowitz. To quote Joan Rivers, "Show me a woman with a naturally beautiful body, and I'll show you a tramp!". Heidi is the queen of all tramps and is the subject of this celebrity studded roast. While not as funny as the book ("The Life and Hard Times of Heidi Abromowitz" by Joan Rivers) on which the character is based, this short made-for-cable special will produce the intended giggles and a couple hearty laughs.

Fans of the comedian and the book will appreciate this the most. 7/10 for fans. 5/10 for others.
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Silent Hill (2006)
Ugh, just awful...
22 April 2006
I was anxiously awaiting the return of the R rated horror flick after the legion of lame/tame PG-13 rated releases/remakes. First, just because it has some monsters doesn't make it a horror film. The film does manage to create a few creepy elements but it lacks any true scares. I don't know where other reviewers have seen this film that produced "gasps by the audience" or "people grabbing onto friends". How many screenings to five year olds could there be? In fact, the audience at the screening I attended seemed bored. The excitement over the use of "men in masks" verses CGI is a lame one since the film does heavily use CGI in the setting and neither are used effectively. Is this the "best" game to film translation...who cares? That's a pretty low bar to rate this film on since the others have all SUCKED!
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