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Joker (2019)
Best Performance in the Last Decade
23 January 2020
Joaquin has reached a high level in acting, he's a great actor, one of the most talented actors in the Hollywood now, he proved in this movie that he is with the big stars of his generation like Leo and Bale and maybe he is the best, this performance is a lifetime performance like Al Pacino in Godfather and maybe he doesn't repeat it again. He deserves all the awards this year, and last year, and the next year also, and maybe the performance of the last 20 years. Heath Ledger is very proud in his grave seeing Phoenix honoring his memory by this spectacular performance.

-Kosomaha fe' Tezha
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The Hunt (2012)
Looking for a tragic movie?
2 August 2016
Movies with great acting, plot and ending are very few in this world, and Thomas Vinterberg's The Hunt is one of them. Such great acting by one of the most underrated actors of all time. I really hope that more people see this movie. Incredible movie. I'm mad at myself for waiting this long to see it. A round movie with a fantastic Mads Mikkelsen. Honestly, I think this movie would have been even better with some more minutes on it to develop the plot even further. A troubling movie that keeps you pinned and rooting for answers, and it does not disappoint. The Hunt is a tense, nerve wracking experience from start to end. Mads Mikkelsen's strong performance is the soul to this heartless story. He portrays his character's suffering masterfully alongside other noteworthy aspects of this successful drama.
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