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The Witch (2015)
Seminal film in the history of the horror genre
18 November 2020
Having seen this film several times since its initial release in the theater, the feelings evoked here continue to resonate with me and so many fans of the horror genre. The Witch, in my opinion, is an achievement that has set the pace on several fronts:

1. Horror that creates a sense of slow-burn unease, spiked by occasional moments of shock. This is a shift from the previously-omnipresent jump scare nature of this genre. 2. Horror that is historically-based, well researched, and thus is even "educational" viewing. 3. Horror that is actor-centric, while still clearly being atmospheric. 4. Perhaps the greatest achievement of his master-work, The Witch, was the ability to create and develop characters from centuries ago with dilemmas which resonate today.

Kudos to Robert Eggers on his freshman effort, capturing the attention of many actors who now strive to work with this humble auteur of the art of film-making. Because of his recent work, and that of other young directors, I believe the future of horror is in good hands.
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