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A Lot More Heart Than The Previous Movies
17 January 2020
I just got out of Bad Boys for life

If you liked the others, you will like this one.

This movie has a lot of heart, and whilst there is a change in tone, it is still an action movie!! Personally, I think it helps the movie that it was NOT directed by Michael Bay!! You can actually see what happening during the action. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are so good together, I love their chemistry. Lawrence does not kook as heavy as he does in the trailer either. Sadly the line I hated from the trailer "We're not just black... We are cops too!!" made it in to the movie.

There Are one cool action sequences but nothing really stands out. There was some dodgy CGI at times (maybe 3 or 4) during the action scenes, but it's a minor gripe.

I liked the villains, a lot more than the two drug dealers from the first two movies. Joe Pantoliano steals all his scenes as per usual. Vanessa Hudgens was fine as was Paola Nunez and Alexander Ludwig.

There was something I hated and there is something at the end, that I thought was cheesy as hell and I just didn't buy this change from a certain character!! Its my biggest problem with the movie.

There is a post credit scene that hints at a Bad Boys 4, but it won't be the Bad Boys that we know.
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1917 (2019)
Do Not Expect Saving Private Ryan Style Action
10 January 2020
I just got out of 1917.

I have to say the one continuous shot thing, really does work, and I certainly never noticed the cuts. It's a simple story, but it's done in a way that you are always invested. I found myself looking out in the background for the enemy. There isn't much gunplay in this movie, so don't go in expecting a Saving Private Ryan. Although something happened and I jumped out of my skin. In fact I was on edge a lot of the time during this movie, you never feel like they are safe.

The cinematography is great, I just looked and it's the same guy who won the Oscar for Blade Runner 2049. I expect him to be nominated again here. The acting (especially the two leads Dean Charles Chapman and George McKay) is great from all concerned too.

I have a few gripes, the two main soldiers are pretty naive when it comes to the enemy, they are either trying to help injured Germans, or don't kill them when the have the chance!! Only for the Germans to try and kill them first chance they get.

I'm surprised this won best picture at the Golden Globes, as for me it is not better than Joker, The Irishman or Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

I highly recommend seeing this on the big screen, it deserves it.
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Just Mercy (2019)
Excellent Performances In Compelling Movie
9 January 2020
I just got out of an advanced screening of Just Mercy. I was surprised to see it was only half full. Normally these advanced screenings are almost sell outs.

I can't believe this blatant injustice was based on a true story, based off the lawyers book. Considering it is based on a true story, it is a bit precicfable at times, and you know where it is going most of the time. I also need to add, it is not a feel good movie at all, but I think most people will like it.

It is a very compelling movie, I was wrapped up in it throughout. Michael B Jordon is terrific, Jamie Foxx gives his best performance since Collateral and Ray!! Rob Morgan and Tim Blake Nelson offer solid support, whilst Brie Larson is also effective. Possibly my favourite performance from her.

It will be interesting to see if it gets any Oscar love, Foxx really deserves a best supporting nomination. I hope this finds an audience, it deserves to.
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Little Women (2019)
A Bit Of A Slog To Get Through
9 January 2020
I just got out of Little Women.

Well, I made it to the end, but it was a slog at times (especially the last half hour). Despite cries for it, I'm not expecting Greta Gereig to be nominated for any Oscars as it just isn't that good!!

If Saiirse Ronan gets a nomination I'd be ok with that as she carries thus movie. Emma Watson and Florence Pugh are good in their supporting roles, whilst Laura Dern and Meryl Streep do what they do, so well. For me though, the stand out performer was a man. Timothèe Chalamet is a man to watch.

The costumes are all on point and the cinematography as beautiful. Yorik Le Seux should be nominated for an Oscar. I think the cinematography is the best thing about the movie.
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Jojo Rabbit (2019)
My Favourite Movie Of The Year
8 January 2020
I just got out of Jo Jo Rabbit

Man, I loved this movie so much. My favourite movie of 2019.

Roman Griffin Davis is wonderful, Thomason Mckenzie is a delight, Taika Waititi is awesome, as is Rebel Wilson, Sam Rockwell and Alfie Allen, but it's Scarlett Johanson who leaves the biggest impression, I think she deserves to be nominated for best supporting actress

This deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.
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I Liked This A Lot More Than Any aversion Of The First Movie
5 January 2020
Just watched Blade Runner 2049 for the first time in Blu-ray.

I didn't love any of the seven versions of the 1982 movie, and since the marketing on this one relied on nostalgia for that movie (instead of promoting this movie) I passed. I seen it at a boot sale for 50p this morning and bought it.

I'll just say this right off the bat, Denis Villeneuve has directed a great movie. I really enjoyed it!! A lot more than any of the 7 version of the first movie. He isn't going for setting up an action franchise, he is focusing on one movie and it's great.

Its a long movie (2 hrs 43 mins), in fact It is definitely too long. It could have lost half an hour and still been awesome, it did not need to be that long. The pacing is seriously off at times and it feels like a long movie.

All the acting is great, there is not one weak link. This is Goslings movie and he is excellent. Ford (who didn't show up till the 1 hr 45 mark) is gruff and great. Sylvia Hoeks is really good as Luv too. Dave Batista has a small role, likewise Mackenzie Davis (Terminator Dark Fate) has a small but important role as a human prostitute. But for the second movie in a row (that I have seen her in), Ana De Armas (Knives Out, being the first) steals the show as JOI.

I'm glad to see this won Oscars for its cinematography and visual effects. It is a shame this under performed at the box office!! Maybe if it had lost half an hour, they could have fit another showing per day in.

I will be keeping this bad boy in my collection.
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Does Not Feel Like A Rambo
29 December 2019
It was great to see Balboa Productions at the start. It moves at a very quick pace, but it is almost too quick. We do not have time to get to know and care about Gabrielle/The housekeeper, and to a lesser extent Carmen. We don't have time to get to know and hate the bad guys, they are just one dimensional, cliche bad guys. I prefer it when a movie makes me hate a bad guy!!

For me, it is nothing like Unforgiven, except the narrative similarities, but that is it. It is more a Taken movie than Unforgiven/Logan type. Which may please some people, as I know a lot of people did not care for Logan.

All the acting is decent from all concerned, especially Yvette Monreal, she does a great job, especially in the scene where she is first explaining to Ramho about wanting to go see her father in Mexico. Bulgaria (a location I am never a fan of as a filming location) does a great job of standing in for Mexico. Sly does his best acting (since the first Creed) when he is delivering a monologue at about the hour mark.

There is not much action until the end, I expect there to be a lot of Home Alone comparisons after the final act, which is amazingly brutal. Fans of the violence in the franchise will not be disappointed. Sly didn't seem like Rambo up until this point. He is popping a lot of pills!! The way he stealthily takes out his enemy one by one is reminiscent of the woods in First Blood. Make no mistake, this is Rambo. Easily the best part of the movie
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Ma (I) (2019)
29 December 2019
I went to see this at the cinema. Octavia Spencer is always brilliant, and she does not disappoint here. All the cast do good jobs (especially Diana Silvers) and it was an enjoyable way to spend 90 minutes.

Horror movies are not my favourite genre, but I would consider this more of a thriller.

Ignore the bad reviews and give it a try
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I Am Iron Man!!
29 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I just rewatched Avengers: Endgame

After 11 years, this is it.... And they pretty much stuck the landing. It borrows heavily from Back To The Future 2, and that's not a bad thing, they even mention Back To The Future.

I loved Thor's hammer going to Cap (goosebumps), but I think my favourite part was when Peter Parker first sees Tony Stark, and he starts telling everything that has happened and Tony, so happy to see him, gives him the biggest hug, and despite being shocked at first, Peter cuddles into him and says "mmmm this is nice" I actually liked Captain Marvel in this movie. Considerably more than I did in Captain Marvel. I enjoyed Nebula too.

I thought fat Thor was funny to start with, but they should have done away with it, by the midway point, the GIRL POWER scene was Cringe-worthy!! I though Don Cheadle's jokes fell flat EVERY time!! Given the situations he makes them, his jokes are awful and badly timed.

There are plenty of plot holes and problems with it, The time travel was a lot of fun, but it opens up such a can of worms. Especially the ending, In End Game you can't change your future, by changing the past, as it sinply creates new timelines. Yet Cap decides to stay in the past with Peggy and grows old to meet back up with the team at the end, with all his current knowledge. I'm happy he ended up with Peggy, but it totally went against his character, are we really meant to believe he could just sit idly by as all the bad things happened around him?? It was pretty established that wasn't something he could do. He also stopped Peggy marrying the man who she would marry and have kids with. Changing his life and stopping their children being born.

Finally I have to talk about Robert Downey Jr, he IS the MCU!! If the first Iron Man (which worked mainly because of Downey Jr's performance) movie didn't work, there would be no MCU!! And what a way for him to go.... "I am Iron Man!!" I'm not going to lie, I cried when he died, in fact I cried a few times. I think it was 4 times in total.

Dear, Marvel

If you can arrange for Thor to be in GOTG Vol 3 that would be great.
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One Of Marvel's Worst Movies
29 December 2019
I just watched Captain Marvel

It starts off with a nice tribute to Stan Lee and then it's all down hill!! Well not all down hill. But I don't enjoy this one at all.

Brie Larson is bland as hell, I just didn't find her relatable at all. I can't put my finger on why, she is an Oscar Winner, but she is such a mixed bag here!! It says something when Jude Law is not the worst actor in a movie. Ben Mendleson was great, Samuel L Jackson had more screen time than I thought he would, and I always enjoy seeing him play Nick Fury.

Sometimes it works, but it misses more than it hits. I'm not the target audience as it's a feminist movie aimed at women and little girls to say "I want to be Captain Marvel" nothing wrong with that, but at least make an interesting movie. I'm going to say something that is not said often..... DC did it better!! Wonder Woman was the same but it was entertaining as hell and Gal Gadot gave a layered performance and is charismatic as hell!!

The thing I hated the most is the stupid way Nick Fury loses his eye!! So lame!!
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I Enjoyed It
29 December 2019
I just rewatched AntMan & The Wasp

I just love Paul Rudd, and I love him even more as Scott Lang, he is like the Roccky of this Universe!! The little underdog you root for. Evangeline Lilly is good as is Hannah John Kamen as Ava/Ghost but although the movie is an enjoyable palette cleanser after the dramatics of Avengers: Infinity War again it has a weak villain!! After Thanos and Killmonger in Black Panther, it's a step back.

Random side note!! Laurence Fishburn is in both Marvel and DC Cinematic Universe's at the same time lol
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Heartbreakingly Good
29 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I just rewatched Avengers: Infinity War

The nailed it. Against all the odds of juggling THAT MANY balls in the air, they pulled it off and it just gets better every time. It is imperfect, but it's still great.

Josh Brolin is great as Thanos, he is a great villain!! Too many Marvel movies have weak villains. Not here. He is a great character, it is pretty much his movie. Continuing how great he was in Thor: Ragnarok, Chris Hemsworth steals the movie as Thor!! No mean feat in a movie with this many awesome characters. Robert Downey Jr is as awesome as always (when isn't he??) as is Tom Holland, he made me cry, it not going to lie. Mark Ruffallo has more to do than normal as Bruce Banner.

Chris Evans and Benedict Cumberbatch are more supporting here as is Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany (even though I was crushed with there final scene) Sadly, Scarlett Johansson is wasted here!! She does not really have much to do.

As usual in a Marvel movie, the action is great and it nails it's humour too!! One of Marvel's best for me.
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Black Panther (2018)
I Don't Get The Hype, But I Liked It
28 December 2019
I just watched Black Panther

I enjoyed it at the cinema, but truthfully it has not held up for me on repeat viewings. Whilst I appreciate the cultural significance of the movie, a Best Picture Oscar nomination it did not deserve. It wasn't even the best Marvel movie of the year (That honour goes to Logan).

Chadwick Boseman is slightly over shadowed by a ridiculously charismatic turn by Michael B Jordan. Forest Whittaker and Angela Bassett are both good, as are Danai Girira and Lupia Nyong'o It is Letitia Wright who steals the show as Shuri however, she is a delight.

The action scenes are all well done, but the final fight left me a bit bored as two faceless CGI characters slugged it out

Overall I liked it, I just do not get why it was so over praised.
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I Liked It
28 December 2019
The name Clint Eastwood is enough to drag my skinny ass to the cinema most days of the week. Throw in the fact that most people are watching either Black Panther or Shape Of The Water. And I could pretty much guarantee I would not be annoyed by other people in there.

I can certainly see why it is not for everyone and at times the acting is not the greatest, but they are not professional actors and are more than adequate. In fact I have seen worse professional actors. The second act drags a bit with a lot of filler scenes, but I think the ly off is worth it.

Clint should be applauded for having the none acting Experienced heroes portraying themselves. Certainly a bold move. There are some professional actors in there Thomas Lennon with Judy Greer and Jenna Fisher as two of the boys mothers too. All three child actors are decent too. I think Clint is always good at getting performances from children.

I think it deserves to be seen as Clint knows how to direct and it's a true story featuring the real heroes
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I LOVE This Movie
28 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched Thor: Ragnarok

I love this movie. Not only my favourite Thor movie, but one of my favourite Marvel movies. It is just so much damn fun. Taika Waititi Does a superb job.

Chris Hemsworth gives his best performance as Thor (who knew he was funny) Tessa Thompson is a welcome addition as Valkerye, I really like her. Jeff Goldblum is the constant joy the Jeff Goldblum is. Tom Hiddleston once again steals the show as Loki. I loved Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange scene, he nails that character.

I know a lot of people don't like what happened with the Hulk, but I thought it was great.
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A Father & Son Movie
28 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2.

I really enjoyed the first one, but this one less, so as it's very disjointed, the soundtrack is not as fun and not all of the humour lands. It had too much humour (including long running jokes) just cos everyone loved the humour in the first one, doesn't mean we needed more of it here.

Yondu (Michael Rooker) was by far my favourite character here (he steals this movie). Give us a Yondu movie, Marvel. Kurt Russell is great, (The young CGI Kurt is great) Nebula was great, her scenes with Gamora were good too!! They were Gamora's best scenes. It's Starlords movie (as about 90% of the movie is about him and his Dad) and Pratt is surprisingly subdued.... Maybe because Russell is so charismatic. I really enjoyed the Stan Lee cameo.

Baby Groot is ok but Drax doesn't really do anything except be comic relief which is fine. Rocket who I loved in the first movie is a bit of a idiot here, but he has some good lines here and there. The Gold people were ok at the beginning, but they should have just been left there.

Sly Stallone pops up, and seems very out of place. It's like he is just playing his Toymaker character from Spy Kids 3-D. Although Iike his post credit scene, and would love to see a RAVENGERS movie.

Sadly, despite the fact that I cried at Yondu's death and funeral, I don't think I'll ever feel the need to rewatch this one.
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Shazam! (2019)
I Enjoyed It A Lot
26 December 2019
I just finished watching Shazam!!

Why did I wait so long to watch this?? It's trailers didn't scream must see and DC don't have a great track record, so I skipped it.

I really enjoyed a lot of it!! It's much more of a comedy that I expected!! The cgi fighting at the end, less so, I was a bit bored and was just wanting it to end. But the Superman meets Big parts I loved.

A lot of the success of this movie rests on Zachary Levi, as if you don't believe him as a 14 year old who suddenly gets superpowers, it doesn't work. But he is great Mark Strong is fine giving off Lex Luther with powers vibes. I loved seeing Cooper Andrews (Jerry from The Walking Dead) here Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer are both fine too.

Some of the CGI didn't work especially during the flying scenes.

I'm a sucker for movies about family(not the F&F tripe), and this one got me quite emotional at times, which I wasn't expecting!! Some of the foster home stuff was my favourite scenes!!

Loved the final canteen scene too
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Cats (2019)
Misses The Mark, But Not ALL Bad
20 December 2019
I just got out of CATS

Whilst I do not get the hate it's getting, I did not love nor did I hate it, it's just meh..... It kind of lacks an identity James Corden and Rebel Wilson think its a comedy and then you have Judy Dench and Ian McKellanacting their asses off!! It's very uneven and I'm not even sure what happened!! I kind of get it, but I'm not 100% I think an hour in, I didn't really know the plot, it kicks in towards the end, but for most of the movie I thought they were saying "Angelica Cats" but it was "jellicle cats" which I had to Google to see what it was.

The songs are used every time a new character is introduced, and are pretty bland!! Even the big showstopper 'memoroes' sang by Jennifer Hudson doesn't hit the emotional notes like it should. The dance numbers were entertaining but I was frustrated everytime I was following a certain character, it would cut away to someone else.

Taylor Swift is really not in the movie a lot, she really does not have a lot of screen time. She is the moll to Idris Elba's bad guy, turns up sings one song near the end and is then gone.

Francesca Hayward plays the main character Victoria, and she is great as is the CGI, there is no faulting it looks great.

I'm not sure this is going to be a big hit, a man in front of me audibly sighed several times, before leaving his wife/girlfriend to watch the rest of the movie, whilst some girls near me laughed a lot at it.
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One Of The Worst Movies I Have Seen This Year
15 December 2019
I just got out of Black Christmas with my eldest son.

This is not just a horror movie, it's a horror movie a social message.

And that message is... Wait for it.... Men are the worst, and women are no longer weak, they are strong and they will fight against the toxic masculinity!!

I'll be clear there is no problem with a movie having a social message, it can work in movies, but you need interesting characters, intrigue, good pacing and more importantly, you need and interesting premise at the core of the movie!! This movie does not have that, it's all about its message about how vile men are!! Its social message is ridiculously integral to its plot, its its whole premise. It's so preachy it actually annoyed me, if my eldest son was not with me, pissing himself laughing at how bad it was, I would have walked out!!

Maybe I'm not the target audience and men hating women are, but considering we were the only two people in the cinema, they are not turning out for it either.

6 Underground (which I watched yesterday) was bad, but in an entertaining way, and I had fun with iy!! This is so bad it is in my top 10 worst movies of the year!!
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6 Underground (2019)
I Enjoyed It
14 December 2019
I just watched 6 Underground with my son, whilst we had a takeaway and drank a couple of beers.

Since the trailer is vague, here is a brief plot in a paragraph

A team of 6 people (all assigned a code number) who are all thought to be dead, are living off the grid and taking out bad guys Governments can't or won't touch.

It was a bit touch to follow during the first hour as it hops all over the place with lots of flashbacks... It was a lot more complicated than it needed to be, as I'm still not sure what happened when, in its timeline. The second hour is the most enjoyable as there are no flashbacks, you know what's happening and it flows better, despite the shaky cam.

It's a very Michael Bay movie, with action sequence with explosions following action sequence with more explosions. There are some great deaths (including innocent bystanders) and laughed out loud two or three times.

Ryan Reynolds is Ryan Reynolds, and since I like him, it worked for me. He brings the same energy he brings to Deadpool or Blade 3 (he saved that movie for me) here and he is fun. Mëlanie Laurant and Adria Arjona bring the glamour, but they are not just eye candy, one is a doctor and the other an ex cia agent. The stand out in the cast for me was Ben Hardy (last seen in Bohemian Rhapsody) who plays the parkour member of the team, he was great. Sadly the bad guy is a bit one dimensional, although he is played well.

Whilst its script is not the best (it has an lame, surprise twist at the end) and Bay still thinking its 1995 it does have some stunning locations (especially in Italy) an excellent cast, a decent score and is more than watchable.

Overall is it a good movie?? not really. But was I entertained?? Hell, yes I was. I'm not sure how much of that was down to the 4 bottles of beer I drank whilst watching it.
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The Morning Show: Play the Queen (I) (2019)
Season 1, Episode 9
A Great Episode. I Can't Wait For The Finale
13 December 2019
This was a great episode, Mitch Kessler (Steve Carrell), is the most unlikeable he has been so far!! He shows himself to be a real piece of work.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw is wonderful as Hannah, as is Billy Crudup and Mark Duplass (you really feel for him during his phone call with Jennifer Aniston). Reece Witherspoon kind of takes a back seat in this one but the scene with Aniston and Carrell is dynamite. I can't wait for the finale!!
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I Enjoyed It For The Most Part
11 December 2019
I just got out of Jumanji: Next Level

The wait for the movie to start wasn't as long as Motherless Brooklyn, but it was still longer than normal, 15 minutes of adverts, before 4 trailers then annoyingly, even more adverts!! Including what's usually the last one saying put your phone away!! But this time there was another 4 after it!!

I tend to slate Dwayne Johnson for playing himself in everything, and his movies being forgettable, but it was certainly entertaining to watch Dwayne Johnson impersonate Danny DeVito and Kevin Hart do his best Danny Glover impression!! This is probably more favourite performance by Kevin Hart, cos he wasn't being Kevin Hart!! That was the best thing about the movie for me. I was surprised to see Awkwafina is in this, I'm rapidly becoming a fan of hers, after The Farewell

I doubt i'll feel the need to rewatch it, but for the most part, I enjoyed it and laughed a few times, but something happens about an hour in, and then from there it just got a bit flat for me!!

There were too many people in my screening to count, (an 11am Wednesday showing) so I expect it to gross a billion

Trailers shown were Peter Rabbit 2 Trolls World Tour Dooittle Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker
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The Morning Show: Lonely at the Top (I) (2019)
Season 1, Episode 8
Flashback Episode: A Day In The Life Of Mitch Kessler
7 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched the latest episode

Since this episode took place all in the past, Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) is absent from the episode, the void is filled by a great performance from Gugu Mbatha-Raw (who I watched in Motherless Brooklyn yesterday) as junior booker Hannah Shoenfeld, who has an encounter with Mitch in Las Vegas.

We needed this episode!! We finally learn a lot more about Mitch Kesser (Steve Carrell) for me it's been hard to see him as the shows bad guy. Yes, we've HEARD about everything he's allegedly done to and with women around the office, but we haven't actually SEEN any of it.

That changes in this episode, which is a look at the better days at TSM - back when men joke about inappropriate topics openly, and women laughed and went along with it.

Here's a day in the life of Mitch, pre scandal. Wake up; drink coffee made by his distant wife (who knows he was cheating on her) get driven to work by a chauffeur; arrive at work and be showered with praise; joke about seeing a woman colleague naked; make your producer and ex-lover feel uncomfortable in the hallway; go home; ignore your wife; play with your kids.

So his day is full of locker room talk, favoritism, and backstabbing (he's secretly planning to take Alex Levy's (Jennifer Aniston) juicier segments). But it's what happens in Vegas that esculates things, and is going to be a huge point moving foaward.

With only two more episodes left, I can't wait to see how this season ends, and bring on season 2!!
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Ed Norton Is Always Great
6 December 2019
I just got out of Motherless Brooklyn

Annoyingly there were 45 minutes of adverts and trailers!! That had to be the longest ever.

I love the forgotten genre of the private eye!! I love Ed Norton and he is great here!! Come on it's Ed Norton... When is he not great?? (ok, The Italian Job) Willem Dafoe and Alec Baldwin are great, also. Bruce Willis does not have a great amount of screen time. Booby Cannavale pops up too. But for me Ggugu Mbatha-Raw was a real stand out.

It's script is pretty generic, one of the twists was predictable and it has serious pacing problems. Whilst being a tad too long but it has a great jazz score!! It's a such great score!!

Overall, I enjoyed it, It is probably a great book!!
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The Irishman (2019)
Pesci Steals The Movie
4 December 2019
I just watched The Irishman

I really enjoyed it, possibly a Top 10 of the year for me, but it is more than a tad self indulgent. It's ridiculously over long, it could have lost half an hour (if not 40 minutes) and it wouldn't have missed a step. It shows a lot of similar scenes a few times, just to hammer some points home.

Robert De Niro is great!! its not one of his best ever performances, but he is the best he has been in years. Joe Pesci is wonderfully understated, he has lost none of his acting ability during his retirement, and is awesome (I think only the sheer amount of competition could keep him out of a best supporting actor nod) and like De Niro, Al Pacino is the best I have seen him in years (although I think Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is the only movie I have seen him in this decade) I think him and Pesci have the best chance of Oscar nominations, and I'm surprised that I'm saying that, as De Niro is great!! But again, I think the amount of solid competition, could keep him out.

The Deaging is not up to the quality of Michael Douglas in Ant-Man or Smith In Gemini Man (except that awful last scene) which for me is the high bar set for deaging!! For me, it is not THAT distracting once you are into it. What is a bit of a problem is they still move like (and have the hands of) a 70 year old man. It is very apparent in a scene where De Niro beats someone up early on.

Harvey Kietel is simply window dressing here. I think he has three scenes. Bobby Canavale is also under used. Someone I did like was Ray Romano, he surprised me with a fine dramatic turn. As has been mentioned a lot, Anna Paquin does not have a lot of lines. I think she only spoke once. But she does a lot without talking!! Stephen Graham (an actor I like) is solid too.

Mesmerising at times, dragging it's feet at others!! There was a period of about 60 minutes where I was busting for the toilet, but I don't want to pause it lol I do not get why it was hoping all over its time line, if he is telling the story, it should have had a more straight narrative line, but its so good seeing De Niro and Pacino in something good again, as they have both being coasting/sleepwalking through their movies, but here they knock it out if the park!!

The soundtrack is not on par with Scorcese's best, far from it. La Vie En Rose and In The Still Of The Nights are the only tracks I noticed and the score didn't register for me.

For me it's behind Goodfellas, Casino and The Departed, as it's pacing really bogs it down, but I enjoyed it.
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