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Its a great anime.Must watch.
3 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The 3 parts covered in Shikioriori are the about the 3 basic needs of human life.

Spoilers Ahead! 1. Food "Hidamari no Choushoku" (Sunny Breakfast) It took us through the need for food. The magical taste of San Xian noodles. How the loss/change of the taste would make us feel, the people with whom we eat and the atmosphere of where we eat.

2. Clothing "Chiisana Fashion Show" (A Small Fashion Show) It shows how fashion has changed the Clothing industry in a good/bad way (depends how you see it). And the people/models who work in this industry are working so hard to be at the top. Finally, it shows that just a normal type of clothing of your favourite colour made by your sister would make you feel better than a super-costly dress.

3. Shelter "Shanghai Koi" (Shanghai Love) It shows that the main character is interested in Architecture. Also, the area where he grew up will soon be demolished and renovated as it is kind of old currently and is in the middle of a great city. It also covers other important needs of life like Love, Education, and you know Life itself.

Post credits scene: Its kind of a happy scene where we see all these characters of individual stories at the same place very near to each other. And it shows how small and simple the world is but we just don't notice it.

It's really great to create an anime of such quality with such basic needs in life. I'm glad to notice this without reading the description of the Anime.

I've seen people comparing Shikioriori with Kimi no na wa and review Shikioriori as a bad anime that just copied the style. That's completely absurd. Both the anime are unique in their own style. And yes, the art looks like Kimi no na wa and its good. Because anyone would love to see an art with such great detail and quality. And that's one big factor we all watch anime.
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