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MASK (1985–1986)
16 February 2005
I was about ten to twelve years when M.A.S.K. was aired on Sky Channel (yeah, they only had ONE channel those days!). Me and my brother still have many of the toys, some pretty worn down, some like they we're never used. I loved the show, although there were some questions about where the mask technology came from, how VENOM got their hands on them and why NOBODY was surprised to see a young boy's scooter turning into a small robot. Maybe because T-Bob was cool...

Later on there was a second series, in which the secret identity of Matt Tracker and the MASK-team was revealed to the public (and to VENOM), the Boulder Hill was abandoned for some reason, Miles Mayhem had a twin brother and everything was about racing... Pretty cool new vehicles were introduced, but the story wasn't what it used to be...
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