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One of Masterpiece Theater's best
17 December 2006
A fascinating historical personality makes for a stellar miniseries. Yes, it was definitely in color. Rosemary Harris is indeed a wonder, and for masculine eye candy there is George Chakiris ("West Side Story") and Jeremy Irons. Oddly enough, though I currently am a huge fan of Irons I didn't realize he was in this production until I read his biog here on IMDb. George was a feminist of sorts, a woman author assuming a male first name and boldly wearing pants, though she dealt with the usual problems of women since time began (relationship woes, unruly offspring). One of my all-time favorites in the show's tenure, along with "I, Claudius" and "Lily" (Francesca Annis as Lily Langtry, the most celebrated babe of her era).
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20 April 2006
Like all truly great art, the movie reveals itself in layers that are still unraveling long after the viewing has ended. I felt almost numb as the closing credits rolled, and didn't comprehend until the following day that my numbness was an indicator of how profoundly I was moved. There are sadly to few genuine love stories in the history of cinema; many are rife with mundanities and fluff. But Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhal project a passion that transcends lust. One can well imagine them together the rest of their lives if only they lived in a different time and place. Ang Lee is certifiably one of the top-tier directors of his time.
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