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Queen Mania (2005 TV Special)
Simply Awful...
9 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When are they going to learn? You'll never even get close to the level that Queen set. To see some of the washed up idiots they get to sing some of the best known Queen songs around... I didn't know if I should laugh or cry, really.

I had high expectations for this show. I was hoping for a recorded message from Brian and Roger at least. No. We get Zoe Ball. Great consolation prize, eh? The terrible presenter set aside, I nearly got on my knees and prayed that G4 didn't do Bohemian Rhapsody. They butcher it every single time they do it. There's a little saying in my house whenever G4 are on stage and singing. It goes like this: 'Oh, please no, don't walk.' Say it in a pleading voice three or four times over. Every single time they just walk forward and pretend they are It! The only fun I got out of watching these four fools was when a family member pointed to Matthew and said 'He sings for doughnuts on the end! 'Can I have my doughnuts now? No, No, No, No, No, No, No!'

And Tony Christie! I expected more than that! Oh my God, I was in hysterics by the time he came on! It hurt to breath as I heard him sing. Just another loser trying to hold up a long-dead career. Mel C, I almost switched of the TV there and then. She should find herself some new clothes and a new life, idiot.

The only good singer was the lady who was singing the part of Monseratt Cabell. My hat goes off to her, singing against so many no-hopes.

I had to leave the room when one act came on. I think it was 'Don't Stop Me Now.' It pained me to hear.

In all, this show just wasn't fit for national broadcast. 1/10.
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King of Fridges (2004 TV Movie)
Utterly Fantastic!
5 May 2005
I was, and still am, a huge fan of the Trapped series. I think each of them are masterfully written, brilliantly acted and a great watch for most ages. But when I first heard the tile for this last episode, after finishing my giggle fit, I was rather disappointed. Von Trapped, Trapped Beauty... and King of the Fridges. It somehow didn't capture me like the others. After watching it, however, I found I adored the show most out of the three. A spectacular ending if there ever was one, and some very funny tongue-in-cheek moments. Don't be put of by the title, this is a very good programme that can actually make you feel deeply about the characters and say 'awh' every now and again. Superb. A must see, if you have the chance.
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004 Video Game)
Best out of the lot.
28 March 2005
This game is the best out of the GTA series, I find. And it's mainly for one single fact: It's so huge! I've been playing at least two hours a day since Christmas '04 and I'm not even at 50% yet! This may be due to the fact that I am the worlds biggest game cheater and I'm /still/ stuck in the Badlands, but hey! It's just awesome. This is such a big difference from GTA Vice and GTA III, I can't believe it. You can now build up muscle, change clothes, eat, swim, ride bikes, lift weights, get respect and now we even have sex appeal. It's truly great. I'm slightly disappointed with some of the difficultly levels, though. I am one of the worst in-game drives you can ever hope to see, but I have now joined the ranks of 'Hey! That wasn't a race, that was a mere engine rev!'. I'll admit, I was stuck on 'Just Buisiness' and 'Wrong Side Of The Tracks' for what seemed like an age but, once I'd understood fully what I had to do, it was so damn easy. Same goes for the other missions. I felt that Vice, what with it's 'Gardian Angel' type levels (Lol, I bought the game when it came out and I still can't beat this level. I've taken to playing on a friend's memory card who has beaten it!) and such was harder and much more challenging. That said, I still find SA the best. Why? I've said that. It's so big, so much more to do, better characters (Woozie has to be one of the greatest and funniest I have ever encountered!) and graphics, nice vehicles, a great ability to get a hair cut and get tattoos and the race to find Bigfoot and Aliens in the Badlands Back 'o' beyond. (: I've loved every moment I've spent with this game, even if I do throw down the controller in a hissy fit when another racer beats me. S'all good! 10/10 in every aspect. If you haven't played it, do so. You'll love it if you loved the other GTAs.
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