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Warrior (2011)
Warrior is one of the best movies ever made!
23 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I heard something about this movie upon its brief showing at the theater, but because of atrocious advertising it was not seen by many including myself. So upon it's release on DVD and based on all the great reviews by critics and past viewers I decided to rent. Well, as the credits rolled at the end of my viewing I felt I had just watched one of the greatest movies ever made. I don't think "Rocky" or "The Fighter" are on the same level as "Warrior."

The acting from Mr Hardy, Mr Edgeron and Mr Nolte was truly amazing. These actors made you embody their character.

Paddy - played superbly by Nick Nolte was a drunk and abusive father. Mr Nolte was excellent in the hotel scene where it seemed like his son Tommy had finally broken him has he returned to the's then I felt sadness for this terrible excuse for a father.

Brenden - The older son who is a devoted and loving husband and father of two girls is on the brink of financial collapse. Everyone loves Brenden - his family, students, faculty and long time friend. By all accounts he is a good man.

Tommy - the younger son. How my heart cried for Tommy. A man so broken by so much pain and suffering because of what life had thrown at him. There was this feeling of abandonment from his older brother who decided to stayed with his drunken abusive father, the heartbreak of caring for his sick mother while watching her die surrounded by poverty and the horror of war as he stood witness to his entire combat unit and best friend succumb to friendly fire, with him being the only surviver. Tommy is emotionally and mentally scared. Tommy is rage toward everyone, especially his father and brother. The only peace he seems to find is in his mission to help his dead best friend's wife financially. So he must win the MMA competition

That final fight in the iron cage between Tommy and Brenden was heartbreaking. Tommy's anger toward his brother had almost reached the point of madness. He was like a caged animal let loose. He was willing to fight almost to his death, but this man was calmed when his brother said "i'm sorry" and "I love you" You saw that steel of armor drop revealing a broken and sensitive man who had never stopped loving his brother.

Mr Nolte and Mr Edgeron gave excellent performances, but it is Tom Hardy who stood out for me. I feel he gave one of the best performances I have ever seen on screen. And as a fellow Brit I am proud to say he is one of the best actors to come out of England in decades. I've seen his brilliance in Bronson as Charles Bronson, his cool and likable Eames in Inception and that of Handsome Bob in RocknRolla, to name a few. The man is a chameleon.

It's such a shame Warrior was not more recognized because Mr Hardy gave a Oscar worth performance and Edgeron should have been up for supporting actor. At least Mr Nolte got recognized.

This lady gives Warrior 10 out of 10
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Brothers & Sisters (2006–2011)
Brilliant show.
1 November 2006
Brothers and Sisters is one of the finest TV dramas to come along in a very long time. The performances are superb from all involved, especially Sally Field, Racheal Griffiths and Matthew Rhys.

Each Sunday night I am treated to one of the finest hours on television. The mixture of humor, drama and that whole family dynamic is very intriguing. This show takes you through a whole host of emotions in one sitting as the story lines of each family member unfold in such a way, it leaves you craving for the next episode.

The gay storyline involving Kevin(Matthew Rhy) and Scotty(Luke Macfarlane) is outstanding. For once we have a complete and in-depth relationship between two men handled with maturity and intelligence. I'm so very pleased to see this on ABC network TV without much fuss being made. This is one of the finest gay story lines i've ever seen on TV.

Bravo to the writers, actors and all involved in producing one of the finest TV dramas in years.
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Dante's Cove (2004–2007)
Romantic, sexy and hot.
12 October 2006
I just finished watching in its entirety the first season of Dante's Cove on DVD and couldn't take my eyes from the TV set. It had everything... horror, intrigue, mystique, romance, hot people making hot love, what more could one ask. The story revolves mostly around the lovers Toby, played wonderfully by the beautiful Charlie David and Kevin played by the cute Greogory Michael. The acting in general from the cast was OK, although there's plenty of room for improvement, and the script could use some tightening, but I've seen a lot worse on the daily day time soap Operas. The romance and love scenes between the two main lead characters Toby and Kevin along with their chemistry were incredible. I don't think i've seen anything more erotic. These guys really seemed in love. Very well done on their part.

I don't have the HERE! channel so anxiously await the release of the second season on DVD. I've already purchased season 1 and can't wait for it to arrive in the mail so I can watch it again.
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Guys and Balls... a heartwarming and well acted piece of gay themed cinema
14 September 2006
I just recently watched "Guys and Balls" and thought it superb. It far exceeded my expectations. What a pleasant surprise since so many gay themed movies flop on arrival.

It's basically about a young man named Ecki, played brilliantly by (Maximilian Bruckner) who gets busted kissing another guy and is outed to his friends and family. He is then subsequently booted from his local soccer team. Angry, he them challenges them to a soccer match made up by his soon to be all-gay football squad. He leaves home and goes to live with his sister while assembling a rag tag group of gay men who are appalling at playing the game and comprise of every gay cliché on the market. Still, these stereotypes are not offensive, mainly because all the players come across as such nice guys. Ecki, also falls for Sven, an attractive male nurse at the hospital where his sister works. Both these guys are cast perfectly, making for a sweet and believable couple.

If you want to settle back and watch a pleasant, funny, romantic movie with a heartwarming ending, then "Guys and Balls" is the movie for you. I watched it, loved it and now I own it.
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Eighteen (2005)
Expected a little, but got a lot.
5 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I rented this movie with very low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. This movie is extremely good stuff. And one would never guess it was low budget.

EIGHTEEN, directed by 'Richard Bell' centers around an 18 year old named Pip, played by the superb 'Paul Anthony' who leaves his home because of the circumstances surrounding the way his older brother died. He is overcome with guilt by this event and falls into a hard life of a runaway teen on drugs and alcohol. On his 18th birthday, his father tracks Pip down and gives him a tape left for him by his grandfather, of which he was to listen to on his 18th birthday.

The way the whole film is told is with two simultaneous stories unfolding at the same time. The present life of Pip and the past life of his grandfather during WW11 of which Pip listens to on the tape.

The three outstanding performances in this movie are the ones from 'Paul Anthony' as Pip and 'Brenden Fletcher' playing Jason, the young 18 year WW11 soldier, his grandfather. Also, the role of the WW11 wounded medic 'Macauley' played by 'Mark Hildreth.' All putting in fine performances.

A couple of concerns and scenes that didn't sit too well with me...the priest, Father Chris played by 'Alan Cumming' who is gay and in broad daylight pick's up the local street hustler the whole neighborhood knows about. And then we have the local store clerk named Jeff, a sweetheart played by the attractive 'David Beaszely' who just wants to be loved, and for some unknown reason is attracted to the very unattractive and sleaze ball street hustler, Clerk, who sleeps with just about anyone and in all likelihood is a walking toxic time bomb. On top of all that he's not a very likable person. This part just didn't ring true.

The parts I really like the most was the flashbacks to the War. They were so well acted and very touching. There is a scene at the end where the one soldier is dying and the other soldier, 'Jason' is there for him to comfort and show him love as he lays badly injured and dying. This is such a wonderful and touching scene it left me in tears. Beautifully acted.

I highly recommend this movie. It is one of love, redemption and the power of the human spirit to survive.
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Crash (I) (2004)
Possibly the worst movie to ever win best picture at the Oscars.
22 April 2006
Crash is truly an awful and embarrassing movie. After watching this mess I wanted those two hours of my life back. This one dimensional send-up on race relations left me shaking my head. The acting was mediocre at best with Sandra Bullock giving one of the worst performances of 2005. The interlocking story lines has been done so many times before and much better. When I was watching this I had to ask myself...was this movie done by a bunch of high school students? It didn't seem plausible that a so called serious director was involved in the making of this movie. The silliness from the magic clock on the little girl, to the blank bullets and dumping of the Asian immigrants in the middle of Los Angeles left me cringing. The fact that this after school special peppered with profanity won for best picture at the Oscars has left me numb with disbelief. The fact that Crash won over the brilliance of Brokeback Mountain has left me stunned. It really must be true about the rampant homophobia and bigotry of academy voters who wanted anything but Brokeback Mountain to take home best picture. So I guess they went for what they thought was an important movie on race relations. I feel sad for these people. The credibility of the Oscars has be greatly reduced in the eyes of the world after this fiasco.
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Regarding Billy (2005 Video)
a lovely little movie which leaves you with a smile and hope.
17 April 2006
This was really a beautiful little story of love and family.

Dean, played by Jason Van Eman, leaves his best friend Billy, played by Ronnie Kerr, and goes off to The Gulf War. Billy has to return home and look after his mentally retarded younger brother. Several years later Dean returns from the war and comes to live with them. What unfolds from there is a touching story of two best friends who are secretly in love with each other and the process of them facing up to this fact.

I found myself really enjoying this movie and gladly purchased it to add to my small collection of wonderful gay movies. Sure, this movie is no Brokeback Mountain, a masterpiece, but it is very sweet and you feel good after watching it. Sure there are flaws, but on such a small budget of $20,000 I believe, a pretty go movie was produced. Both men are very attractive, especially Jason Van Eman who played Dean, with the most beautiful smile. And the amazing chemistry between the two actors gave their relationship 100% credibility. The two kissing scenes between the men, I wish there were more, was wonderful and authentic. Their acting was also pretty convincing, especially with the shoestring budget the actors had to work with. I hope to see both these men in future projects.

If you're in the mood for a touching and sweet little movie, rent Regarding Billy. I think it will leave you with a smile.
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Sad, haunting and beautiful.
11 December 2005
I had the privileged opportunity of viewing this movie at a packed cinema in New York last night. Every show had been sold. There was a buzz and anticipation like I have never experienced in my movie going history. We all sat with baited breath ready for the start of Brokeback Mountain. The advertisements for up coming movies couldn't go quick enough.

The movie is over two hours long but didn't seem so to me. I was riveted to the screen. The story unfolds at a nice easy pace and just draws you in and keeps you there. It is simply one of the saddest and most haunting movies I have ever seen in my life. This is the type of movie that you don't realize its impact until several hours later as you toss and turn trying to sleep, but the movie just won't leave you alone. It's difficult for me to even put into words how this movie has affected me, except to say that my eyes keep welling with tears when I think about Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar, two poor, uneducated men who simply just wanted to love each other, but live in a world that refused to allow them this honor.

I went in with high expectations and was not disappointed. The acting is amazing, especially by our two main leads Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. I know there has been much credit given to Mr Ledger on his performance, but Mr Gyllenhaal is equally as amazing in his roll. He plays a perfect Jack Twist. The chemistry and body language between both these actors is excellent. The intimate scenes between the two men is believable and beautifully shot. The second love scene is so very touching. It brought a lump in my throat. But the most heartbreaking scene comes during the end of the movie, which I won't give away, but it involves the line "I wish I knew how to quit you" Watch the performances by both Heath and Jake at this part of the movie and tell me it doesn't rip your heart out.

There is such a feeling of sadness and loss which grows and grows as the movie progresses. So much longing as you watch these two beautiful young men grow older, only to meet up a couple of times a year. They share a love that is so profound and strong that many of use only wish we could find this type of a bond in our lifetime.

Ang Lee has done a masterful job. Every aspect of the movie from directing, to editing to score is astounding. Much love and care was given in the making of this movie.

This truly is one of the greatest love stories ever brought to film. I plan on seeing it again next week, and maybe then I will be able to shake it out of my system. Although I doubt I will.
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