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Death Note (I) (2017)
Point in Fact, IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!
25 August 2017
I don't understand why people fail at their ability to use logic! Anyone who has written a negative review about this picture has clearly lost that capability.

First thing: You have to realize is that you cant compress almost 40 individual episodes of an anime series into an 1 hour & 40 minute movie without making some reasonable compromises, "look what they did with The lord of the Ring Films for example". They even had to make drastic cuts to the "Game of Thrones novels" to make it work & they made 7 seasons so far & they still aren't done!

Second point: You are taking a renowned series that in my opinion is at the "pinnacle" of its genre & putting a fresh new spin on it. Lets face it, there would be no point in simply reproducing the same series in live action because it would just be more of the same.

Third: There are simply some things that when they are animated or CGI just don't transfer well into live action!!!

All that being said I loved it, Everything about it! Whether it was the casting, acting, cinematography, music & most importantly The source Material.

All of it was perfectly balanced into an 1 hour & forty minute cinematic experience that I will always treasure. My only regret was that it was not released in theaters because this would have been awesome on the big screen.

I hope you like it as much as I did.

Thank you.
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