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Made me wanna visit Uganda and India again.
28 December 2020
I watched the movie first time in a movie theater in downtown Nairobi in April 1992. As I couldn't make it to Uganda then, I was glad to see it on screen. I visited Uganda in 1999 and it was the friendliest country I'd been to in Africa as well as the safest Sub-Saharan country. Such a change from Amin's days. But then I was there again in 2008 and I couldn't say anything positive. Things do change constantly on the continent. I enjoyed watching it third time on Denzel's 66th birthday. It's a great story with depth. I enjoyed the scenes from Kampala as I walked around a lot. Even though it's a movie, I've watched before, I felt a relief when the airplane took off from Entebbe to safety. I could stop biting my nails. I gave the movie an extra star from last time.
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