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Fargo (2014– )
Pros and Cons of Seasons 1-4
2 January 2021
  • A must watch for any fan of the original Fargo film from 1996 or fans of the Coen brothers in general. While it is only produced by the Coen brothers this show captures the magic of the film.
  • The crime, the accents, the comedy and the characters are all present in full force.
  • Each season has its ups and downs but overall, the show is some of the best TV you can get.

Season 1: Pros -What makes this season stand out is Billy Bob Thornton's performance as Lorne Malvo he is by far the best villain in the whole series. Cons
  • This season does take a bit to get going however, it lays some amazing groundwork for some of the best moments in season to follow.

Season 2: Pros -The style of season two is my favorite of the four. The 70's is felt in every scene and it is great.
  • This season probably has my favorite ensemble cast with great performances all around especially by Bokeem Woodbine, Kirsten Dunst, and an amazing moment with Nick Offerman.
  • The connections with season 1 make it even more enjoyable.
  • I think Season 2 would be the best season if not for some supernatural elements that did not land as well in my opinion.

Season 3: Pros
  • Like always this season has an amazing cast.
  • The music and score are super great in this season.
  • Best surprise connection to another season.
  • I think season 3 is Fargo at its weakest, however Fargo at its weakest is still amazing.
  • Season 3 moves quite slow in the beginning but hang on the last 3 episodes pick up significantly and make the whole season much better for it.

Season 4: Pros
  • Season four does change the formula a lot from the first 3 seasons but in a great way. I did feel scared Fargo was going to become to repetitive and this season but those worries to bed.
  • Season 4's freshness helped the story move a lot faster than any other season.
  • I also loved the connections this season had with season 2.
  • The biggest issue I had with season 4 is the character of Gaetano Fadda. It was a big character swing that did not hit for me. It felt like Jack Black was in my Fargo and not in a good way.
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This Movie Deserves More Love
22 January 2020
The Sasquatch Gang is quite possibly the smartest stupid comedy film out there. At a surface level, one might see this as a low budget Napoleon Dynamite wannabe, however, there is so much more to this hidden jem of a movie.

The strongest point by far is the script. The dialog is effortlessly funny and endlessly quotable. This amazing script comes to life in performances from all the cast especially Justin Long as Zerk who typifies the tough guy with a big mouth.

While this comedy is already set with a good premise and fun characters it goes one step further by telling the story out of chronological order in a way reminiscent of Pulp Fiction. This fun style of storytelling demands the viewer to rewatch this nerdy adventure multiple times to appreciate the continuity.

This movie is underrated and is loved by everyone who finds it. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie. You can watch even it for free on YouTube on the Popcornflix YouTube channel so there is no reason not to stop yourself from having a great time.
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