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Night Cries (2015)
Really Liked It (No Spoilers)
4 April 2017
I am a movie buff that watches all genres, especially horror and thrillers.

This movie has an excellent and deep story about alternate realities with great monsters/ characters. It combines horror, adventure, and compassion and has an incredible ending. In addition, the acting and cinematography were very well done.

I used to work with the writer, director and actor, Andrew Cymek, in a retail store called Canadian Tire (sports department). Although I did not know him well, I remember he was just starting to direct and would always talk about directing. I solely watched this movie because I saw his name listed as director and am glad I did. Andrew, keep up the incredible work. Nicely done! I felt like this movie had it all. From the awesome looking ghouls, to the nudity, to the android looking girl, to the compassionate ending.
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