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Somewhere (2010)
Raw and funny.
17 November 2010
I went out of the cinema feeling cleansed, which is the same reaction I had to Lost in Translation. Which, for me, is a very rare reaction. It's slower and slightly more adult, but it's the same limbo theme; alienation, emptiness and loss of purpose. And SC uses the hotel as a symbol once again: A nothing place, like standing on a platform waiting for the train. Stephen Dorff plays, excellently and believable, the pleasure addicted star that is in the middle of falling apart, slowly dissolving in his surface life. SC let's the character free himself from all the unnecessary things in life, one by one, until there is only the core left, and I couldn't help feeling lighter and happier myself when that happened. Apart from that it's also hilarious - if you are able to appreciate subtle humour and can laugh at the ridiculous side of life. Just a little thing like the unsexy, squeaky sound it made, when the blonde twins turned on their poles... It totally cracked me up. :D
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