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Y: The Last Man (2021– )
If you gave it a 10, you have low standards
4 October 2021
Giving a show a 10 to "offset the bad reviews" is not only disingenuous, but then, frankly ruins the whole point of the true process.

This series actually started out pretty good, but after episode 2, it nose dived quick. The main character is a complete idiot, but then, that's they way so many men have been portrayed lately in movies and film.

It's like, in order to establish more "equality" we have to tip the scales in the other direction. Waaaayyy in the other direction. Sorry Holyweird, but this doesn't help, it makes your perceived "problem" worse.

Forcing equality of outcome instead of simply supporting equality of opportunity creates an unhealthy environment for everyone.

This show does a great job of that and makes everyone want to watch it less. Hence, all the 3 star and lower ratings.

Giving it a 9-10 doesn't help, and If you make it to episode 6, you will see how far gone the series has gone from halfway decent, to garbage like a fricken lawn dart.

Just watch ultra femi-nazi, bi-polar, lesbian, psycho, geneticist.

Anti men, religion, conservative, common sense.
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Lots of assumption and drama
16 September 2021
So, a lot of "experts" weigh in on serial killers based in the UK. "This is what the killer was thinking", "This is what they felt"... Nothing based on interviews with the killers or any type of reputable analysis. But, lots of overly dramatic video shots of these so-called experts.

One thing I found quite silly. "Serial killers seek and audience of people they can control and exert power over to show off what they've done" Uh OK, maybe stupid serial killers. Those are the ones that get caught rather easily; except in the UK, apparently. Poorly shot video, drama, drama, drama, bad photography, more drama; it was difficult to watch without quickly becoming annoyed.
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Debris (2021)
Started good, but kept going downhill
23 June 2021
I kind of liked the first episode. It was X-files-ish, and had an interesting start.

Sadly it went down hill quick. The stories got more unrealistic, and the lead character, Fiona got more and more annoying.

First of all, she never should have made it through the MI6 training, let alone on this case.

Father disappears, due to events related to this event. She is obviously too emotional and not stable. Her acting is wooden at best. Zero chemistry between her and her partner, Both betray their countries for personal gain, both need to be waiting tables at Denny's.

As the season went on the story line made less and less sense. I honestly, barely made it to the season finale.

Guess what? It's cancelled. Surprise, surprise.
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12 June 2021
Absolutely pointless and boring. These three yammer on about taking the lowest possible dose of DMT and talk about their awakening of consciousness with no explanations, followed by long, silent stares into the camera. I honestly struggled to stay awake and finish this. I came out of this with no better understanding of psychedelics than my understanding of dark matter.

This was a righteous waste of time.
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Walker (2021– )
If you have it a 10, you have low expectations
31 January 2021
All these 10/10 ratings. They are either by members or family members of the cast and crew. Honestly, if you thought it was that great, seriously raise your standards. Now I liked Supernatural, Padalecki was fun entertaining, and watchable. This frankly, made me tired. Cliche after cliche after cliche, really bad action scenes, it was boring and not really interesting. I think Padalecki just wanted to stay in Austin and still be on TV and he convinced the CW to "re-boot" Walker. It's worth noting that this does not even resemble the original. The new Walker breaks procedure, disobeys orders and honestly wouldn't last 3 months as a real Texas Ranger, and neither would his arrogant partner. When she said she just wanted to make a statement for women of color, you lost me. Can we simply focus on doing our jobs to the best of our ability, and quit riding the racial train? I made it through two episodes, I'm not gonna make it a hat trick. Buh bye CW, you've served up another dud
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Helstrom (2020)
Not bad, but doesn't deserve a 2nd season, IMO
19 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I got drawn in on the first couple episodes. I liked the plotline in the main characters being the offspring of a serial killer. Then, you kind of lost me when it turns out he's evil incarnate. Throw in the supernatural, telekinesis, and you kind of lost me a bit more. Sorry, but the series started getting a little hokey on episodes 4 and 5. 6 brought it back a bit with a bit of a plot twist.

People flying through the air, bouncing off walls, and ending up relatively unscathed? It's very cartoonish. That, and the superhuman strength. Sorry, but that makes it all a bit Nickelodeon.

I'm honestly not sure what to think of the Nun, she understands the evil, but wants to set people free, which would release the demons, to inflict more damage on the world. (ok???) Make up your mind sister, the world isn't about how you feel, contrary to the opinions of the under 25 generation; and yes, sometimes you do have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

So, a watchable series but the hokeyness unfortunately makes it unremarkable.
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I struggled through 20 min and couldn't go on any further.
16 September 2020
I couldn't do it, sorry. The acting was terrible and the story line was ridiculous.
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The Third Day (2020)
What is this?
16 September 2020
I honestly have no idea what I just watched. Disjointed story line, long boring scenes that make no sense whatsoever. It was a struggle to hold my attention through the entire episode. Sorry, but this one's a dud.
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Nothing to do with the Brave New World, just T&A fest
3 August 2020
Aldous Huxley is spinning in his grave. You took a story about a dystopian future, that warns of the dangerousness of too much technology and control over every aspect of people's lives and turned it into a soft-core porn, love story, with no semblance of the author's original intent. Weak writers and directors, you've missed the point and trashed a fantastic novel and even more fantastic message. Obviously re-written by progressive losers with rose-colored glasses and no sense.

I made it through two epiodes...barely. Tripe!
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Foul, trash-mouth kid, raised by a ghetto girl
4 April 2020
If bathroom jokes and low class people are your thing, then this is the movie for you. A twelve year old that is allowed to talk like this by his mother, clearly belongs in Social Services custody. Telling his teacher he wants to eat her pu**y! Seriously? Unfunny, sophomoric, and a complete waste of time. Way to go Netflix, you've hit rock bottom, and continue to dig.
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War of the Worlds (2019– )
Intensely boring
13 March 2020
So I slugged through the entire season one. What did I learn? 1. In a gun-less society, guns are suddenly plentiful. 2. Little robots are almost completely bullet proof. 3. French people are dicks! If you get injured, they will leave your ass to die. 4. There's one "American" and he must be from California, because he's bloody useless in the Apocalypse. 5. The French military is still completely useless. 6. Instead of laying low and being cautious, people wander around dead bodies and walk down the middle of the streets. 7. This show will not make it to season 2.
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Strike Back (2010–2020)
Last two seasons are garbage.
9 March 2020
So the genius that decided to go with a new cast starting on season 6 needs to be shot. I couldn't even finish season 6 and skipped right to season 7. I made it about three episodes. Cardboard characters with Aussie accents. Everyone knows Aussies are as tactical as a paintball team.

Sorry, Strikeback, you lost me. Permanently
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Roswell, New Mexico (2019– )
The point system is garbage
3 March 2020
So many 1-2 star reviews, yet you give this politically nauseous series a 6.2 rating? Please! This show is more liberal hypocritical, garbage. Liz moans about her dad being an illegal alien, that may get deported, then treats actual aliens in the same way. Get rid of them! What a load of tripe this show is. The CW has hit rock bottom, and it continues to dig.
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Hellier (2019)
A slow burn to burn out.
9 February 2020
How bad? exceptionally bad. These are probably the worst investigators on the planet. I hope, for their sake, they have real jobs. They spend most of the time sitting around talking and little to know time doing actual investigating. When they do, they are ill prepared and inept. They investigate a cave, but don't go in. No thermal cameras, a couple of cell phones, a spirit box and tarot cards. Are you kidding me? Rename Planet Weird to Planet Waste of Time.
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Pandora (2019–2020)
Quite possibly the worst show I've ever watched
22 August 2019
Wow. I made it 2 minutes and it was absolutely horrible. The absolute worst acting ever! Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes had a better budget than this garbage. I guarantee these actors will all end up permanently unemployed within the year. (as they should)
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Black Mirror (2011– )
I loved it until Season 5
11 June 2019
I got hooked on this series and I truly loved it. Then season 5 came out. Season 5 is boring, overdone and downright cringeworthy.
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The biggest villain is boredom. The 7.1 score is total BS, as well.
31 May 2019
How can an action movie be boring? Brie Larson, that's how. Stan Lee is probably thankful he died before this came out, that's how embarrassing this film is. Zero character depth; Brie Larson is as interesting as the kid from Billy Madison yelling "O'doyle rules!" That fact that her character is completely indestructible is equally as ridiculous. And what is up with the flaming Mohawk? With that getup, I can picture her in Hostel 4, The Cell 3, or a bad Guardians of the Galaxy extra that gets killed in the first 11 seconds of the first fight scene. 2 hours of man bashing and an absolutely boring script, I literally fell asleep on two occasions. After re-watching that lost footage, I found that I didn't miss a thing. In fact, I'd be better off having never wasted the original 2 hours watching this in the first place.
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Doctor Who (2005– )
I couldn't do it
16 December 2018
I didn't even make it to episode one. The teasers alone were enough for me to see that it was going to be a hideous, politically correct, snowflake fest. I was a doctor who fan since Tom Baker. Sadly this series has crashed and burned in a slow spiraling death dive. A Whovian no more.
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Nightflyers (2018)
A vomitorium of riduculousness
16 December 2018
How does this have a +6.0 rating? I was excited to see a prequel to Star Trek and that lasted about 3 minutes into the first episode. They launch their spacecraft and someone gets killed right off the bat. Seriously? How incompetent does this crew have to be? The telepath is this obnoxious hooligan that is somehow supposed to be the ambassador in which the entire human race has sent forward to communicate with a new race. Again, seriously? Blow this kid out of an airlock, he acts like a ten year-old. I love how his keeper is this over the top PC scatter brain. "They aren't monsters, they are people" boohoo...stomps her feet and runs off. I made it to episode 3 and the ending made me turn it off, never to return again. If you make it that far you will see how bad it gets. Watch the whole episode, if you can. The last half hour is so outlandish and unrealistic (even by unknown, future technology standards), that it should make you run for the hills. Last comment.. I don't want to spoil the mess, but the Captain of this ship is probably the biggest soy-boy idiot of the group. Trying to bang one of his crew, serious mommy issues, he shouldn't be in charge of a Dairy Queen let alone an entire multi-trillion dollar spacecraft. Sorry, I know it's supposed to be dramatic and exciting, but there has to be a bit of realism to hold the story together. A possessed ship, a bleeding satellite probe, one of the crew gets in trouble and the Captain personally suits up and saves her . This? A soup-sandwich with crackers falling out of their pocket. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is more interesting. (And realistic)
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Sooooo Stupid.
23 February 2018
This prequel had my hopes up but ended up being a total let down. Why are all the men bumbling idiots whilst the women as strong willed, although not very bright either, and constantly putting men down? I think it probably been renamed She-gate for all the Femi-nazis. I don't know how many shows I've seen like this and frankly its getting old. The lead character's boyfriend is a half-wit his sidekick is a full-wit, the Nazis are cry babies. What the hell? And what is with 'Gods/Aliens'??? They have ridiculous false contacts, and I never understood why they have to have deep, mechanical sounding voices; to make them more ominous? It's not working. Honestly I can't believe I made it to episode 5. I simply can't go on any more.
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The worst Star Trek of all time
27 November 2017
How absolutely dreadful. This series is wrong on so many levels. The characters are so flawed and incompetent, it's sad and pathetic. The first episode has some pansy-ass, snowflake crying during the Klingon attack. "Why are we fighting? We're explorers" boo hoo hoo. Thankfully he dies seconds after. Fraternization between crew members runs rampant, with loads of inappropriate relationships that would destroy any normal ships morale. In episode 9, Ash gets sent to a Klingon ship to assist Michael; he breaks down on the ship and goes into a PTSD coma. Was he not thoroughly examined after his liberation? After being held captive for 7 years, he's good to go to return to the ship he was imprisoned on? Stuuuupid. Admiral Cornwell in conversation with L'Rell, when questioned about Klingon captives held by Star Fleet responds: "They are imprisoned". "They are interrogated...humanely." Seriously? They are politely waterboarded????? No wonder the Klingons want to destroy them. Stuuuupid. This series makes such an effort to be so all-inclusive, politically correct, unoffensive and wishy-washy, that ends up being a lame and plastic storyline with cardboard characters. CPT. Lorca is the only slightly redeemable character but is diminished by the fact that he's nailing Admiral Cornwell, who is supposed to be his boss. That is pretty much illegal in any branch of service or Government. I honestly can't believe I made it to episode 9. But I can guarantee I won't make it past the season 1 vomitorium.
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Singularity (I) (2017)
Wow, just wow...
24 November 2017
Quite possibly, some of the worst acting I've seen since the Karate Kid. John Cusack's facial expressions ranged from drunkenly curious, to ridiculously serious. He was atrocious! You've hit rock bottom, John, and you continue to dig. You really need to stop hanging out with Nicholas Cage. The rest of the actors were equally as horrible. Julian Schaffner's performance was as plastic as it gets. He honestly looks like he has no clue what he is doing throughout the whole film. Jeannine Wacker was trying to go for the Hunger Games look, but ended up more like the Emo Games. There is a scene where she is sitting by the river, singing; uhhh, so terrible, I actually laughed out loud. If you are in the mood for a train-wreck, this is it. I made it through half the movie before I decided I had better things to do like help my neighbor unclog his toilet. BTW, this is supposed to take place 97 years after Kronos exterminates the majority of the human race. The houses are super clean and the two main actors have new clothes and look like they just left the day spa. The other human survivors are dirty, deformed and unnecessarily violent. bad
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