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Better than Expected!
10 September 2018
Although the ending of Season 8 was Okayish, the beginning of Season 9 was great.

Loved the Frank's story-line, and watching him talk out of his own ass has always been a pleasure.

Though, Lip's story-line could seriously be improved in this season, cause I think the character has a lot of potential and as also he is not a alcoholic anymore.

Waiting to see how much trouble Fiona gets into this time, and wouldn't mind watching her getting tips from Frank as in the last season.

Debby was great as always, finding solutions herself for all her problems and proving her worth as a Gallagher.

Overall the episode was very entertaining as well, though could be improved a little here and there, which I'm expecting the future episodes will fix.

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What a Show! I'm glad I sat through the First Episode
9 September 2018
Jack Ryan is an incredible show, although it doesn't show much of the Jack character himself (given it's the name of the show), it really does present everything in a remarkable way.

Every character has a little or a huge backstory which makes them interesting to look out for.

I'm really glad I started this show, even though I was hesitant in the beginning because it seemed cliched in trailers. IT IS NOT CLICHED.. (except for a very few scenes.)

I loved how they showed the beautiful countries where the characters went, and I loved how real it felt for each of the location had it's own culture, language, and many other things unique to it.

Loved the direction in all of the series and the seriousness of the action scenes whether it involved the military or not.

I'll be very eagerly waiting for the next season. Damn You AMAZON for making me hooked to another series and making me binge watch IT!!

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