War Dogs – Review

The kids are heading back to school, it’s getting a touch cooler (the multiplex is still a great place to beat the heat), the superheroes have packed it in (for a couple of months), so are we ready to return to the Middle East, or at least the big conflicts in the sand? That’s how we started out the year, with Michael Bay’s Benghazi docudrama. Well, there were two little films that followed, set in that hostile local. Two “dramadies”, one fact, the other fiction, to be precise. Tom Hanks was a “fish-out-of-water” in Hologram For The King, while Tina Fey was a TV news reporter (based on a real person) in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Yes, this new flick is a comedy, or at least that’s what the near constant onslaught of trailers and TV spots have been hammering home for the last several months. Hey,
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New Details on Neca’s Prometheus Figures

We caught a good look at Neca’s upcoming Prometheus figures at the San Diego Comic-Con, but we have an early look at one more figure that was absent from the line-up. We also have new details on where and when you can expect to see the figures released.

While most of the figures will be easy to pick up online, one of the most sought after items will be the Trilobite, sold only at Toys “R” Us in an exclusive 2-pack.

Neca recently released the first image of their upcoming Infected Fifield figure, which will be included in the Series 3 line-up due out in 2013. We’ve included the tentative release schedule below, along our previously published photos from Sdcc and a look at the Fifield figure.

Series 1 (September 2012 Release)

- Engineer in Pressure Suit

- Engineer in Chair Suit

Toys”R”Us Exclusive 2-pack (November 2012)

- Battle Damaged Engineer
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