Bob Dylan to kick off Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival The 40th Annual Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival in Seattle, Washington has become a great venue to showcase emerging talent alongside veterans. The festival has just announced the lineup for the weekend, which includes a festival kick-off by the legendary Bob Dylan.

The opening night will also feature Neko Case and The Decemberists among others. Weezer will take the stage on Sunday, and Mary J. Blige will close out of the festival on Monday.

Programming Director for One Reel’s Festival Division, Chris Porter, said, “Bumbershoot has a strong history of showcasing emerging talent alongside veteran superstars. This year for our 40th Festival, we’re excited to have artists that span more than four decades of phenomenal music. With this roster of talent, we’re truly offering a music lineup that will engage and entertain people of all ages and interests.”

A couple of changes have been made to the tickets this year,
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You Probably Shouldn’t Watch This Robert Rodriguez Directed Music Video

Robert Rodriguez is probably best known for films such as From Dusk Till Dawn, Sin City and Planet Terror but he is also well known for his more family friendly work on the Spy Kids films. Embedded below is a new music video directed by Rodriguez and it is definitely sits in the family friendly category although it is nowhere near as good as Spy Kids.

IFC eclusively debuted the video and unfortunately it’s pretty bad. The music is derivative, saccharin and unimaginative and the video fits it perfectly. Roping actress Kat Dennings into the video Rodriguez has made a dull and sickly video for the song 40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet) by Bob Schneider.

Perhaps most worrying is the following from the interview with Rodriguez at IFC -

I would always buy Bob’s albums — I dug that he stayed in Austin. When this last album came out,
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Bullock Fine After Plane Crash

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Bullock Fine After Plane Crash
Actress Sandra Bullock says she prayed as her plane crash-landed in a blizzard at Jackson Hole Airport. Bullock, the star of the current Miss Congeniality (2000), was en route from her home in Austin, Texas, when the twin-engine jet slid into a snowbank last Wednesday, damaging the nose and a wing. During the harrowing moments, Bullock told Daily Variety: "We prayed that the plane wouldn't explode." Bullock, her friend Bob Schneider and the plane's two crew members were not seriously hurt. They climbed out and found the airport empty. The jet was so mangled it took three hours to move to a storage site. Authorities said blizzard conditions and a high cross wind made landing difficult at the airport in northwestern Wyoming. Despite the ordeal, Bullock said she's feeling fine: "Maybe just a little whiplash."

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