Stargirl Episode 3 Review: Icicle

Stargirl Episode 3 Review: Icicle
This Stargirl review contains spoilers.

Stargirl Episode 3

After spending its first two installments setting up the basics of its universe and introducing its characters, Stargirl settles in for an episode that feels a bit more representative of what the show will look like going forward. And if that’s the case, it feels like we’re all going to be in for a real treat this summer.

Stargirl is hardly the first series to use its genre setting to explore the challenges of high school and the pitfalls of growing up. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville say hi from several decades ago.) But it is the first DC TV series to really tackle these kinds of stories – which Is something that’s been long overdue if you ask me – and as such, it manages to make this very familiar story feel new all over again.

Sure, Courtney Whitmore is Stargirl,
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