Film Review: Fallen Angels (1995) by Wong Kar-wai

Film Review: Fallen Angels (1995) by Wong Kar-wai
For those who have watched Wong Kar-wai’s 1994 feature “Chungking Express” his following feature “Fallen Angels” is at times considered something like an addition to the prior story, especially since the director himself has stated he wanted to include it as the third segment in “Chungking Express”. However, Wong Kar-wai decided to go in a different direction, resulting in the decision to make this a stand-alone feature, which, nevertheless, is in many ways, story-wise and aesthetically, connected to “Chungking Express”. In the end, “Fallen Angels” explores some of the same themes as the director’s 1994 feature, for example the image of the city as a maze of obsessions, while also dealing with the darker side of extreme emotions, leading to isolation and rejection, thus adding another layer to his view on the dichotomy of man and metropolis.

The story revolves around three main characters. The first one
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