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Poll: Remember when they had hair?

We are used to seeing these celebrities with shaved heads or very closely cropped hair. Who looks the most different to you with hair?

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*including only actors with their own hair, no toupees or wigs allowed

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    "Catch-22" Alan Arkin and baby Anthony 1970 Paramount © 1978 Bob Willoughby

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    Edward Asner in Route 66 (1960)

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    Yul Brynner in Port of New York (1949)

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    Tracey Ullman, Dan Castellaneta, and Sam McMurray in The Tracey Ullman Show (1987)

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    David Cross and Bob Odenkirk in Mr. Show with Bob and David (1995)

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    Larry David in Fridays (1980)

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    Vin Diesel in Multi-Facial (1995)

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    Robert Duvall in To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

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    Woody Harrelson in Cheers (1982)

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    Samuel L. Jackson and Ruby Dee in Jungle Fever (1991)

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    Richard Jenkins and Philip Michael Thomas in Miami Vice (1984)

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    Dwayne Johnson and Madison Pettis in The Game Plan (2007)

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    Ben Kingsley at an event for Gandhi (1982)

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    John Malkovich in Places in the Heart (1984)

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    Howie Mandel in St. Elsewhere (1982)

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    Christopher Meloni in 1st & Ten (1984)

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    Ving Rhames in Miami Vice (1984)

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    Seal in Seal: Live at the Point (1992)

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    Greg Evigan and Paul Shaffer in A Year at the Top (1977)

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    Jason Statham in London (2005)

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    David Ogden Stiers in Biography (1987)

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    Mark Strong in The Bill (1984)

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    Stanley Tucci in Miami Vice (1984)

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    Damon Wayans in Saturday Night Live (1975)

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    Bruce Willis in Blind Date (1987)

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    Larry Wilmore in Comics Only (1991)

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    Billy Zane in Dead Calm (1989)

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