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Favorite Marvel Studios Live-Action TV Series A dozen or so Marvel live-action TV series have seen success during the past decade on ABC, Netflix, Freeform and Hulu. Disney+ will be the latest network to join the Marvel distribution family. The n…
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Most Anticipated TV Show of 2020 Which of these shows of the year 2020 are you most eager to watch? Discuss here
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Best 2021 Super Bowl Trailer Which Super Bowl commercial promoting a film or a TV series is your favorite? Discuss here
New Slate of MCU Phase Four MCU's fourth phase has already begun with WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Which of these titles of the MCU phase four (as of May) are you waiting for the most? Discuss the poll here
The Best Disney+ Shows and Movies Which is your favorite Disney+ original series or film? Source here. (updated October 2021) Join the Discussion Here in the IMDb Poll Community Forum
Face-Off: "WandaVision" vs. "Hawkeye" vs. "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" What is your favorite 2021 superhero miniseries by Marvel? Discuss here
Top TV Shows Led by Black People Which of these top TV shows led by a black person is your favorite? • Note: Only series and miniseries with at least 50,000 votes and an average rating of 7.0 are considered. Discuss here
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Best Superhero TV Show of 2021 Which of these 2021 superhero TV shows is the best? Discuss here [ See more: Best of 2021 Polls ]
Best in Sci-Fi TV Based on Movies What is your favorite Sci-Fi TV Series Based on a Movie or a Character from the Movie? Note: Live Action.... IMDb rated 6.0 and above with min 4000 votes. Please discuss here after voting.
The Best TV Series Quotes of 2021 Which one is your favorite Quote from these Popular 2021 TV Series? Discuss Here | The Best Movie Quotes of 2021
Most Searched TV Shows 2021 Which of these top 10 searched TV shows on Google in 2021 do you think was the most influential during the year? Vote for Most Searched Actors 2021 and Most Searched Movies 2021 Discuss the poll here
Upcoming Marvel Episodic Series At Comic-Con 2019 Marvel announced its Phase Four Marvel Cinematic Universe plans for 2020 and 2021, which includes five new theatrical movies and five new series that will be released on the Disney+ …
Face-Off: The Falcon vs. The Winter Soldier As we are heading towards the premiere of the upcoming Disney + Marvel series In a fight between The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, who do you think will win? Discuss the Poll Here

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