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Poll: Most awesome casting on Drunk History?

Drunk History (2013) is an American television comedy series produced by Comedy Central, based on the Funny or Die web series created by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner in 2007. In each episode, an inebriated narrator struggles to recount an event from American history, while actors enact the narrator's anecdote, lip syncing any dialog. Whether you've seen the show or not, which of these casting choices is the most awesome?

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    Michael Angarano and Tony Hale in Drunk History (2013)

    Michael Angarano as Walt Disney
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    Jack Black in Drunk History (2013)

    Jack Black as Elvis Presley
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    John Lithgow and Jack Black in Drunk History (2013)

    Jack Black as Orson Welles
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    Lisa Bonet and Jerry Minor in Drunk History (2013)

    Lisa Bonet as Rosa Parks
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    Terry Crews and Bennie Arthur in Drunk History (2013)

    Terry Crews as Joe Louis
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    Laura Dern and Matt Walsh in Drunk History (2013)

    Laura Dern as Nellie Bly
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    Tony Hale and Taran Killam in Drunk History (2013)

    Tony Hale as Meriwether Lewis
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    Johnny Knoxville at an event for Jackass: The Movie (2002)

    Johnny Knoxville as Johnny Cash
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    Lindsay Sloane and Nick Kroll in Drunk History (2013)

    Nick Kroll as Ronald Reagan
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    John Lithgow and Jack Black in Drunk History (2013)

    John Lithgow as William Randolph Hearst
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    Joe Lo Truglio, Will Sasso, and Derek Waters in Drunk History (2013)

    Joe Lo Truglio as Al Capone
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    Ken Marino, Kent Avenido, and Eugene Cordero in Drunk History (2013)

    Ken Marino as Captain James Cook
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    Ken Marino and Sarah Burns in Drunk History (2013)

    Ken Marino as Harry Houdini
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    Adam Scott and Stephen Merchant in Drunk History (2013)

    Stephen Merchant as Abraham Lincoln
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    David Cross and Stephen Merchant in Drunk History (2013)

    Stephen Merchant as George Washington
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    Alfred Molina and Ken Marino in Drunk History (2013)

    Alfred Molina as Arthur Conan Doyle
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    Jerry O'Connell, Joe Lo Truglio, and Jayma Mays in Drunk History (2013)

    Jerry O'Connell as Thomas Jefferson
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    Jack Black, Bob Odenkirk, and Jack McBrayer in Drunk History (2013)

    Bob Odenkirk as Richard Nixon
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    Aubrey Plaza in Drunk History (2013)

    Aubrey Plaza as Sacagawea
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    Jesse Plemons in Drunk History (2013)

    Jesse Plemons as Edgar Allan Poe
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    Jeffrey Ross in Drunk History (2013)

    Jeffrey Ross as Francis Scott Key
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    Horatio Sanz at an event for Year One (2009)

    Horatio Sanz as General Santa Anna
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    Charlie Day, Martin Starr, and Mort Burke in Drunk History (2013)

    Martin Starr as Abraham Lincoln
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    Kristen Wiig in Drunk History (2013)

    Kristen Wiig as Patty Hearst
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    Fred Willard and Nathan Fielder in Drunk History (2013)

    Fred Willard as Deep Throat
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    Rich Fulcher and Casey Wilson in Drunk History (2013)

    Casey Wilson as Dolly Parton
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    'Weird Al' Yankovic in Drunk History (2013)

    "Weird Al" Yankovic as Adolf Hitler
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    Steven Yeun in Drunk History (2013)

    Steven Yeun as Daniel Inouye

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