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Poll: Taxi! Taxi! Deliver Me!

Celebrities that were once Taxi Cab or Truck Drivers. Who's your favorite Driver? After voting, please discuss here.

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    Artie Lange

    Has become one of the favorite members of The Howard Stern Show (1990) during his now six-year stint as Jackie Martling's replacement.

    Drove Taxi and was a contestant on Cash Cab

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    Elvis Presley

    The King of Rock and Roll was once the king of the big rig. Elvis started driving for the Crown Electric Company in 1954 making a Buck an hour. Shortly before his career took off, he was told by a band member that he should stick to trucking “because you’re never going to make it as a singer.”
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    Rock Hudson

    A Hollywood leading man in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Before making it as a premier actor, he was Roy Harold Scherer, Jr. the truck driver. Like many before and after him, he moved to Hollywood with high hopes, but those were put on hold, so he paid the bills by working as a truck driver.
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    Ben Bailey

    Benjamin is a Stand Up comedian, licensed taxi cab driver, and Emmy Award winning former game show host and executive producer for Discovery Channel's Cash Cab in New York City.
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    Liam Neeson

    Neeson may be best known for his role as Oskar Schindler in Schindler’s List or as a retired CIA agent in Taken, but he was once worked for The Guinness Brewery in Ireland as a forklift operator and truck driver.
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    Chevy Chase

    You name it, Chevy Chase has probably done it. He once held jobs as a truck driver, cab driver, motorcycle messenger, construction worker, and a wine salesman.
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    Theodore Sturgeon

    Was known for his talents as a writer of science fiction and horror. From 1951 into the mid 1970's wrote several episodes for Star Trek, (Amok Time (1967) & Shore Leave (1966)), The Invaders (TV Series), The Twilight Zone (TV Series), and a host of others. Like many authors, Sturgeon struggled to get published and to make ends meet, operated bulldozers in Puerto Rico and drove trucks also to make a living. One of his more well-known novels was, The Dreaming Jewels. Theodore is on this list as an example of a, "Dreamer of Celebrity" that did not quite make it. How many right now ARE Wanna-be Theodore's in Hollywood. Here's to you. Pick this choice for all the T.S.'s that "Struggle to make it"!
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    Viggo Mortensen

    Born in New York to an American mother and a Danish father, and raised in Argentina. Moved back to New York before leaving for Europe. Mortensen drove trucks in southwest Denmark and sold flowers in Copenhagen before "Making it"!
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    Richard Pryor

    Pryor was a truck driver and factory worker before joining the Army, where he was discharged for stabbing another member during a fight. Gives meaning to the saying, 'All Comedy comes from Tragedy'!
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    Sean Connery

    Bond...James Bond, was once a Driver...Truck Driver. Son of a truck driver, he became one himself after a stint in Her Majesty's Royal Navy. Connery also played the role of a truck driver in Hell Drivers before portraying Bond on screen.
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    James Cameron

    Was able to support his ambitions of becoming a filmmaker by driving trucks. After watching Star Wars, Cameron decided to quit trucking and enter into the industry. If you will remember Cameron is one of the few Directors that has a car chase in his film without cars! T-2 Judgement Day's main chase is a Semi Truck chasing a Motorcycle!

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