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Poll: A Less "Over the Top" Original Captain Kirk (Alternate Casting)

Okay, so it is the mid-sixties and you are casting a brand new television series about the Starship Enterprise that is going to be called "Star Trek: The Original Series (1966)." This guy named William Shatner has auditioned for the part of series star Captain James Kirk, but you think that he's too "over the top" and campy in his performance. You want someone more dramatic and with more acting skills (dramatic, romantic, physical, and comedic abilities required). Which actor from that era would you choose?

Note: He has to be at least 30 years old (and under 60) and active in Hollywood by 1966.

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    Charles Bronson

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    James Coburn

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    Robert Conrad

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    Robert Culp

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    Bruce Dern

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    Clint Eastwood

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    Ron Ely

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    James Garner

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    Ben Gazzara

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    Peter Graves

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    Gene Hackman

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    Rock Hudson

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    Louis Jourdan

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    Michael Landon

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    Jack Lord

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    Lee Marvin

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    David McCallum

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    Darren McGavin

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    Patrick McGoohan

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    Steve McQueen

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    Vic Morrow

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    Fess Parker

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    Sidney Poitier

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    Burt Reynolds

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    James Stewart

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    Rod Taylor

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    Robert Vaughn

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    Robert Wagner

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    John Wayne

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    Dennis Weaver

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    Adam West

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    Guy Williams

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    John F. Kennedy

    Not an actor and assassinated by then, but if he had been an actor... can you imagine him at the helm of the Enterprise? (This suggestion is taken from a science fiction story "The Kennedy Enterprise" by David Gerrold, author of the Star Trek episode "The Trouble With Tribbles.")
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    William Shatner

    I think that Shatner was perfect in the role and wouldn't replace him with someone else.
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    Betty White

    I think that this innovative television series that was light years ahead of its time should have gone "where no man has gone before" and put a woman in the Captain's chair.

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