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Poll: With a Month in My Name

These celebrities have a first or last name that matches one of the months of the year.

Which of them is your favorite?

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    January Jones

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    Fredric March

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    June Allyson

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    Bille August

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    Jodhi May

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    April Bowlby

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    Jane March

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    Stephanie March

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    Barbara March

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    Forbes March

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    Lois January

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    December Ensminger

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    Teddo November

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    October Moore

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    Lauran September

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    July Namir

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    June Squibb

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    June Havoc

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    June Diane Raphael

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    June Gable

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    June Lockhart

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    June Foray

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    Isabel May

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    Mathilda May

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    Elaine May

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    Miranda May

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    May Calamawy

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    April Wilkner

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    April Telek

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    April Pearson

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    April Hernandez Castillo

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    April Grace

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    Pernilla August

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    Alba August

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    Miranda July

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