Student Bodies (1997–1999)
saved by the bell its not
20 August 1999
for a half-hour show that deals with teens in and at school, this one actually has humor and truth to it... unlike saved by the bell and all the other useless 30 min teen 'fashion' shows that are produced and re-produced in the US, this one (made in Canada) is actually interesting without having that sick candy taste of a feeling... the truth and humor are helped by actual decent acting, which is pretty rare of tv shows, let alone 30 min ones that deal with teens... im also glad to say it's filmed in canada, my only problem with it is, it seems that the show is set somewhere in the US, and that takes away from an accomplishment for the Can producers and writers of the show, they should have kept it Can. all the way, oh well, cant be 10/10 all the time, its at least an 8...
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