The Sky at Night (1957– )
The longest running TV show in the World
15 April 2003
Not just the longest running TV show in British history, but in fact The Longest Running TV Show in World.

That this is still going out every 4th Sunday after all those years is testament to the huge popularity of Sir Patrick Moore, who has received many honors for his outstanding services to astronomy (which includes, among other things, introducing countless kids to science)

Often broadcast live, the programme has sometimes been the victim of cloudy skies and other bad weather, but it has always been a show with great importance (and a source of great enjoyment) for both amateur and professional astronomers alike.

Being an international expert in the subject, Patrick Moore provided some of NASAs maps for the 1969 moonlandings, but it is interesting that the BBC wiped all the footage of him commentating on it!
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