Tall, Dark and Deadly (1995 TV Movie)
One of my favorite Scalia movies
19 February 2005
Definitely a low-budget effort, but I thought the filmmakers did quite well with their limitations, and it has a GREAT plot. I have seen this movie many times (and in fact own it), and my girlfriends love it, too. Scalia plays charming well, then descends into the Date From Hell very convincingly. True, no motivation for his character's actions is ever given, but maybe that would have gotten in the way of the action and suspense. My women friends and I were very impressed with Kim Delaney's performance, and the fact that she wasn't another simpering, victimized female. She kicked ASS! When he chained her to the sink, who could not cheer her on and be amazed at her resilience? As mentioned, the opening scene is terrific. I also like the scene where Kim finds out what Calvin's profession is! Wow. Pretty scary stuff. I give this one 7/10 and consider it one of Scalia's best. With higher production values and a bigger budget, this one could have been more successful. Too bad he never gets the big-budget pictures, because I think he is a highly underrated actor.
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