Howl Stole My Heart
22 August 2005
What can I say? Howl is a beautiful, gentle person. The character movement is as magical as the storyline. Miyazaki's finest. I'll be buying it on DVD. Seen it five times in Japanese. Will be watching in English in theatre as well. Just wish the DVD would be released sooner than Spring 2006 :(

I identify with Sophie, she has a good heart and is beautiful, but doesn't know it. A selfless character anyone could appreciate.

Loved the "villains" and the curses were so creative, so enriching for a fantastic setting, storyline, and those characters!

Calcifur is lovable. Still curious about where Howl's apprentice came from and his story. The setting is marvellous.

I share the sentiments about war expressed by the main characters.

Exciting, romantic, pure enjoyment. It will leave you feeling satisfied as though you'd just been on an adventure of your own and it had an ending that made you feel complete. You can't help but truly feel for the characters. :-) Turnip Head was such a great idea. Oz has nothing on that guy. The castle will blow your mind. The character animation is enthralling, the backgrounds are idyllic. Excellent humanistic storyline! Every writer/director has something to learn from Hayao Miyazaki. If I could e-mail him I would praise him and tell him how his stories always have touched my heart.

All in all, Howl could steal my heart any day. I will watch it again and again.

Quote: "I'm hopeless. I'm not handsome anymore. I want to die."
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