Lolita (1962)
Nothing Like You've Heard - Nothing, Period.
18 May 2006
This was supposed to be so sexual and so controversial, and I can see why the "controversy" with an older man getting sexually attracted and involved with a teenager but there is very sexuality in this movie....just implied, and very little of anything happens in this film.

Sue Lyon, in her first shot, is very alluring lying on her side in a bikini but after that she has the appearance of any other good-looking teen and nothing if men are looking to be titillated by this film, go elsewhere.

In fact, an annoying and shrill Shelly Winters is seen quite a bit, too much so rather than Lyon. Peter Sellers, with an American accent, is good.

Overall, this movie is Boring, yes - with a capital 'B." People today would laugh at any of this being called "controversial." Just because it had that label and Stanley Kubrick directed, people automatically overrate this movie terribly. Don't believe me? Go ahead: rent it. Don't say you weren't warned.
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