Review of Accepted

Accepted (2006)
entertaining feel good comedy
22 November 2006
I liked the movie.

and here 's why. You know the usual storyline ? best example is a movie about robbing banks. everybody just loves the scenes where the gangsters have it all (every robbery is a success with lots of action. the gang gets along really good. And then it happens they get arrested or they have a fight. then the movie drags to the turning point. I always feel bad at that point of the film because you know that after that point everything goes slow and even a little bit depressive.

Well this movie does it all the way. non stop good times and a little clip that lasts only a few minutes.

Don't get to deep in the storytelling. It 's just a fun movie to watch. It's nice to see a good Idea (start "relax" college)come to life in a film.
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