It's a Man's World (1962– )
Here's hopin'
2 January 2007
It's been a long time for me, too - I was about 14, I guess, when this was on - but I have never stopped hoping I would get to see it again. I am just thrilled that so many of you remember this wonderful show and would buy it if it were available on DVD. I guess the only thing for us to do is to bombard the site with our requests. If I knew a better way, I would sure go for it! I am encouraged by the apparent success of the site, as more and more older shows I never thought we would see again are turning up in release.

Whatever happened to Randy Boone, anyway? Such a strong cast, and of course all the other brothers went on to satisfying careers. Surely somewhere in some archives these tapes sit waiting to see the light of day again.
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