Casino Royale (2006)
7.9 my a**e
14 April 2007
Never in a million years is this film as great as you're all making out! This film is different (NOT BETTER) than the other bond films and so has all the tired, boring sequences that you are just waiting for the 'hero' to sidestep so you can go and do something more interesting instead. There is a 'twist' (two in fact) and if you're over the age of ten i'm sure you'll get them within the first thirty minutes (although it feels a bit longer). I'm totally fed up...tell me, are you all being paid to give this film a high rating or are you just so in love with bond that you will give any film of this nature a thumbs up? Don't bother with this film, a waste of time and money (mine, yours and theirs).
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