Jud Süß (1940)
revealing in more ways than just one
23 January 2008
Constantly having to hear that he is a dirty Jew, makes up for almost all evil the central character of this film displays. The attacks are nauseating and primitive and the stupidity behind them is enough to make one sympathize with the Jew. The attacks are most revealing and could only work as propaganda on a population of morons. Similar propaganda, although not involving Jews, is made today against communists and all other groups not joining the holy American world of business and it is here that this film becomes much more interesting and revealing. If the unfortunate attacks on Jews in this film would have been let out and the rest was left, then we would have a most intelligent film attacking business and everything that goes with it. The main character teaches the stupid duke how he can turn power into money and money into power. He teaches what capitalism is at the core, namely this ability to freeze the efforts of the people in currency which can be transformed back to efforts, back and forth at will. Without the possibilities of these transformations, there could be no power. The film also reveals how people who are used to business are most helpful lackeys to power, since there deeply rooted habit of legalized theft (= business) makes them reliable tools for any immoral dealings that could be wished for on the side of power. I give this film at least 6 stars (if not more), because I find it harmless to non-morons that will never buy the racism, which, incidentally, even contradicts itself in that there is a black servant in a smaller role, who also helps the people against the Jew (a smart move by the director, who thereby reveals that maybe he is not a true racist). This film cannot make somebody a racist, who is not a moron to begin with.
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