Jud Süß (1940)
No different than , Birth of a Nation
14 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Outside of the propaganda, this was an entertaining movie.Goebels made a mistake on the screen play that Hitler and him would never know. This film not only portrayed the Jewish as being the bad guys but also the Christians, You could say that this was both anti Christian and anti Semitic. Rabbi Lowe criticizes Jude for his materialism and fights to stop Jude from taking the synagogues money for judges purpose. This makes him a good character. Instead of long prison sentence for rape and crookedness, they execute this Jude which goes against the Christan principle , thou shalt not kill. Goebels accidentally overlooked this. The duke is also portrayed a crook. This makes the characters more subjective. Bad Christan bad Jewish. What this film from owning it and posse sing it influenced me to do. To avoid over eating cause it can lead to a heart attack. To be sympathetic of people being persecuted. To demote prejudice through education and action as oppose to scissors. To be aware that this picture was a reflection of the past. Not to forget about Germany legacy to help prevent it from repeating in another way
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