The Lark Farm (2007)
A movie describing the sufferings of Armenian people during the Armenian genocide
26 April 2010
I would describe the "La Masseria Delle Allodole" as a very weak film. When I first watched the film, the first idea that came into my mind was that the film was produced by a foreigner not by an Armenian film-maker. The plot is too primitive I would describe it even somehow without logic. You can understand at the very first sight that the film is produced by a person who didn't live the tragedy that he tries to transfer us. The characters are fake.. The character of Nunik the Armenian girl seems to have nothing to do with real Armenian girl, her behavior is disgusting and not adequate. I am very disappointed with this movie. By watching this movie you can't understand what Armenian people in fact passed through. The inhuman tortures of Armenian people, their starvation, cruel deportation from their motherland described in the movie totally correspond to the reality, however the producers weren't able to show the true emotional experience of Armenians. Their real sufferings and feelings are much deeper and tragic. I think you should be an Armenian so that you really describe that pain. Unfortunately I have to say that I didn't like the acting either. It was not persuasive, it was artificial and insincere.
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