Tormented (I) (2009)
I liked this!
24 June 2010
I struggled to get into this film at first. Being a British horror type film i was also wondering if we were going to get something like 'The Hole'. But it wasn't like 'The Hole' it was more like a usual picking off teens one by one film but with a bit more of an interesting twist to it and I loved the ending. There are some very realistic bullying scenes which are not a pleasure to watch, but you do understand why the 'fat kid' wants his revenge and you have absolutely no sympathy with the bullies. Some of the death scenes are great if not grisly too! The bullies i think are believable. I can see there being many kids so vain and full of themselves to behave like they do in this film. Its not a typical slasher/stalking thing as there is no atmosphere like that due to the lighthearted nature of the film. I thought it was great. It was different and very entertaining. Certainly no where near the worse film I have ever seen, I think i would still give that title to Cabin Fever 2!
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